Interview with Tricia Guild, the Famous Interior Design Tells

Interview with Tricia Guild, the Famous Interior Design Tells

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Tricia Guild is a famous interior design and founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild. She is a real artist who turns her Tuscany farmhouse, into a beautiful gem rich in colour and pattern.

From UK to Italy…Why did you choose Tuscany?

I have always had a great passion for Tuscany and its beautiful countryside – the rolling hills, the scent of the cypress trees, the wonderful olive groves and all the delicious fresh produce and herbs that grow there. It is a different life; one that is so connected with its environment and nature and I return whenever I can.

You’ve got a really beautiful farmhouse. How did you have the idea to use all of that color?

I work with colour and pattern in an instinctive way and for me it is how a space feels that is important. I begin by looking at the space itself, the architecture, the size, the natural light, then I pull together samples and mood boards and this grows into a concept and a cohesive plan. I am not a great believer in set rules when it comes to designing – it is very liberating to not feel confined by a concept or a set idea of how a room should look.

You love your garden, but how can you find the time to take care of it?

Nothing happens without effort and I believe that time spent on flowers is never wasted. Selecting, arranging and caring for them is, for me, one of life’s most beautiful and rewarding rituals. I try to spend as much time in the garden as I can, usually in the morning before the heat rises. I love to gather armfuls of delicious herbs and fresh fruit and vegetables to bring straight to the table, we even make our own olive oil – nothing tastes better than something you have grown and nurtured yourself, fresh from the ground.

Where do you get inspiration?

I am inspired by so many different things – from nature and flowers, to fashion, the arts, the opera, my family and friends to name but a few sources. I think we are what we see and we are constantly surrounded by visual images and these all form a kind of internal pattern book. It is what I refer to when in the creative process of designing collection – that is how inspiration works for me.

Do you think his collection are suitable for everyone?

I do hope so. We offer an incredible array of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, bed and bath and accessories – all available in a broad colour palette, from beautiful natural and neutrals, to the more vibrant colours as well as lots of black and white. Texture and pattern are also fundamental to our collections – from more subtle plains and soft ombre designs through to dymanic geometrics, florals and these are available as linen, cotton, velvet and wool – the list goes on.

Would you like to give an advice to our readers for theyre homes?

I would say trust your own instincts and if you love a colour or pattern then why not try it at home. If you are fearful then accessories are a wonderful way of introducing colour, pattern and texture in smaller ways at first – a cushion or two, blanket or rug can give your room an instant update.

Tricia Guild: Founder & Creative Director of Designers Guild

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