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Our families are originally from Bergamo and one of the main reasons of our investment and subsequent transfer in this area is the territory where we are now, characterized by a predominantly mild climate, proximity to the sea and to the Etruscan Coast, offering beautiful landscapes full of nature and relaxation, the place where you can still breathe the scents of different seasons.
This place is suitable for those who prefer to be in peace, in contact with nature away from the bustle of the modern city.

The second reason is the exploitation of this territory as a tourist area, the source of constant income. Nowadays, tourists’ activities include not only bathing, but also food and wine, tasting the wonderful products offered by this region: from vintage wines to wildfowl and local fish.

These are the reasons why our families have decided to invest in these places, far from our hometown.

“Can you describe the property and its advantages? What is the history of San Giuseppe, what is the potential of San Vincenzo and surrounding area?

This property has a great historical value, in fact it was owned by Count of Gherardesca, a member of the most prestigious family in the area, feudal landowners, and proprietors of the biggest part of Tuscany; today the heirs of Gherardesca still live in Castagneto Carducci, the village near San Vincenzo.

Il Podere, located on the old road Aurelia was an important building because it represented the old customs of house building.

Currently the property has two types of accommodation: one part is a Residence and the other part is RTH (residence tourist hotel) finished with the original materials of the epoch such as brick used for the floors and fixtures without shutters, the local distinctive feature. There are a lot of additional services, such as a swimming pool, a garage, a laundry, a fitness area and a very large outside areas for children and pets. The service includes everything; here, every family with children can enjoy the total relaxation immersed into extraordinary landscape, from the one hand and from the other the vicinity of San Vincenzo, which every year has the recognition for its excellent beaches and available facilities. Finally, in less than an hour’s drive you can reach the main Tuscan cities like Florence, Pisa and Siena and the wonderful surrounding historic towns.

“Why should a future buyer invest in this property?

There are a lot of reasons and it is not easy to summarize them in a few words, but let’s try to do this. As it was already mentioned, the climate is very favorable in this zone: it is mild throughout the year with a hot summer when you can go to the beach and enjoy the summer holidays.

One more important reason is its location: being in the countryside, surrounded by olive trees and immersed in greenery but only 2 km from the sea and from the center of San Vincenzo, with its marina and the various services. Turned into a hotel, today Il Podere offers an accommodation in contact with nature, away from the busy city, just 5 minutes drive from the beautiful beaches of San Vincenzo and from its center.

The apartments of the Residence, renovated and furnished in rustic Tuscan style, are divided into various parts, from large to small, with various positions, some with an external loggia and a private garden, others, on the first floor, with a sea view.

In addition, the advantage of Il Podere is the amount of services offered by the hotel: two swimming pools for adults and children, a playground, swings and slides, a barbecue with a large common area with tables and chairs for parties and dinners, an ample underground parking, allowing you to keep your car cool even in summer, a laundry, a gym, locker rooms and a garden with a small olive grove that allows you to taste the wonderful olive oil of local production.

Finally, the surrounding territory is very beautiful, it offers countless possibilities, from visiting historic towns, excursions to the island of Elba and other islands of the Tuscan archipelago, the spas, amusement parks for children and various activities such as hiking, boating and other water sports.

“How did you know about Great Estate?

I met Great Estate through Antonio Anile who was my client in other structures and which has moved to the San Vincenzo area to expand the professional network of Great Estate.

“Are you satisfied with service provided by the group of Great Estate?

Absolutely. They offer a great international showcase which makes property available for a wide audience, especially for foreigners, who invest a lot in our country during recent years.

Finally, I really appreciate the attention they pay to “communication” and this interview is an example of it, because it gives an opportunity to receive more effective advertising through direct contact with someone who knows the territory and constantly lives there.

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