How to furnish your attic for the maximum potential!

How to furnish your attic for the maximum potential!

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Attics are often undervalued and used as storage areas; instead, the attic can become a cosy area in its own right and be full of charm. Here are some decorating tips for making the most of it, to make it liveable.

First, decide what its function is going to be, for example, whether it will become a bedroom, depending on access, a living area or, why not, a games room.

This depends particularly on the space that can be used. For this reason, we recommend that you instruct a good architect who can help you in establishing a good plan.

If you think you want your attic to be a bedroom, then, for example, skylights, light points, low furniture and bespoke soft colours are perhaps required. Using wood is perfect for timeless decor; it is perfect for creating these cosy spaces in the home.

For a living area instead, a beautiful fireplace to warm the winter evenings would be very impressive.

If you have a very large attic, you can then turn it into a study or a games room, with a pool table which would be very nice indeed! One aspect never to underestimate is the lighting. Having good lighting design is essential to ensure a beautiful result.

This is achieved by understanding the type and intensity of light that is required in areas that are often dark and poorly lit.

For a bedroom or living room, we recommend low lights on the walls, to get a soft relaxing light.

Another perfect lighting idea, much in vogue in recent years, is LED lighting.

Using a series of LEDs installed in ceiling beams, it is possible to create perfect lighting that will not require any additional light source.

By Cassandra Lessim

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