What are the Chinese clients looking for in Italy .The first Chinese visits to the Great Estate Group

What are the Chinese clients looking for in Italy .The first Chinese visits to the Great Estate Group

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Edited by Alessandra Conforti

The “China Project” which we have already talked about, aims to reach out to a new emerging market of clients interested in Italian property, this began to bear fruit with the first Chinese visitors looking for Italian property. They were greeted by the now legendary professionalism of Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group, particularly by the Italian Property consultants Elisa Biglia, Simone Vicari, Wei Li and Yaroslav Popov. We asked Simone Vicari, the China project manager, to tell us about this experience.

Simone, who are the Chinese clients that are buying in Italy?

There are two main types, the first, are the Chinese clients who are looking for an investment, while the second, are those looking for residential property.

What features must a property have, to be sold to Chinese clients?

Unlike Europeans and Americans who are looking for secluded villas and farmhouses surrounded by greenery, the Chinese prefer residential properties or period palazzos close to town centres, shops and amenities. In short, they are looking for convenient locations where everything is within easy reach without having to have a car. Then there are those who are seeking an investment, who may be interested in tourist accommodation businesses, agricultural businesses and wineries.

How did the first visit go?

They all seemed happy and it was a fruitful visit, to meet the needs of the market and the demands of clients is always challenging, but we are focused on looking for beautiful modern villas or luxury apartments in residential areas. There is still much work to do to achieve the maximum in this sector but I am sure that we will achieve great results with the continuing commitment and professionalism of the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group.

Has the Group got any plans to advertise and market in China?

“Of course. We are working on information, brochures and a magazine being translated into Chinese. In addition, we are participating in a conference on Shanghai Printing where, in addition to the printing industry, we will be there attracting potential clients and personalities as well as promoting the quality of our services. This is an event where we are very much focused.”

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