Interview with Van Keilegom who tell us his beautiful farmhouse

Interview with Van Keilegom who tell us his beautiful farmhouse

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Alessandra Conforti

We interview Mr. Robert Van Keilegom, owner of a beautiful farmhouse in Umbria, for sale with Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group. Nestled within the hills of Umbria, with a panoramic view of nearby Tuscany,the farmhouse is located in Castiglione del Lago, one of “The Most Beautiful towns in Italy.

When did you buy this beautiful property?

We buy this house in 2005

Why did you choose Umbria?

We were for the first time in Italy with a camper, and then we have said, when it is possible we buy a house in Umbria.
Umbria in central Italy it is very beautiful and the people are very kind.

Did you renovate property?

No, we bought it as a new house, and we don’t change anything because for us it was our dream-house.

Can you describe the farmhouse to our readers?

This house is a beautiful house on the flank of the hill with a view on Tuscany. This house is in a quiet area and you will find peace and relaxation. The kitchen is very comfortable, the living room is large and comfortable to be in. All the bedrooms have an air-conditioning what is very good in summertime.
The garden is like a park open and green. The pool is heated with solar panels so you can swim from spring until autumn. In the garden is a playground equipped for football or other sports.
So in a sense, quiet, space and relaxation.

In your opinion which is the most beautiful part of the farmhouse?

For us are the living-room the kitchen and the Barbeque-corner the most beautiful places of our house.
6. why do you suggest to buy this property?
Our house is in a quiet area with a beautiful view of Tuscany. Here is a lot of culture. It is ideally located and within a stone’s throw from beautiful cities and sights.

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