Dominga Maccari: “White Apartment” will always be part of my heart!

Dominga Maccari: “White Apartment” will always be part of my heart!

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We are going to propose you the interview to Mrs. Dominga Maccari, the “White Apartment” ex owner, whose property, last May, has been sold by GE to an US couple.

Good morning Mrs. Dominga and thank you for your time. Would you like to tell us something about yourself? What is your job?

Good morning, I am a public sector employee. I am an accounting directives officer at the Cetona Municipality offices.

For how long time have you been the owner of “White Apartment”?

The apartment has been mine for about 6 years.

Do you have any particular anecdote or memory about it?

This apartment has been and will always remain part of heart. First of all because it has been the first property I purchased, then because the most beautiful moments of my life took place in it: the beginning of the relationship with my current partner, the birth of my daughter, the wedding.

We know that “White Apartment” has been recently renovated. Could you tell us how the renovation project was “created”? Did you do it by yourself?

The project – which has been monitored, in every single step, by surveyor Roi Rapicetta, who I want to mention because of the fundamental importance he had for us – born out of an idea of mine: I personally dealt with it, by choosing every single detail with the highest attention possible and with the aim of realizing a very bright, welcoming and lovable home. I deliberately chose the contrast, if we can say so, between a historical centre apartment and its modern insides.

In your opinion, which are the strengths of “White Apartment”?

It has many: the attention to the details, both regarding the renovation and furniture. Moreover, we used the spaces at their best. In this way, we gave it a quid pluris. The position is very important too: very close to the main square of Cetona.

How did you use the property?

We have always used the property as our family’s first home.

Could you please tell us the reasons why you decided to sell it?

Unfortunately, the decision of sell it derives from space exigencies: after the birth of my child, the apartment size was not more appropriate for our family needs.

Talking now about your cooperation with Great Estate: how did you discover it? When did you start cooperating?

We discover the group through a friend of us. I remember him saying:

“If you want to sell a historic centre apartment, the only agency able to do so is Great Estate..”

He gave me Giacomo Buonavita’s name. If I am not mistaken, we contacted him in 2016, after my child’s birth.

How would you rate the work of your trusted agent of GE, Giacomo Buonavita?

Giacomo has always been fundamental: he was able to understand our needs, both from an economic and emotional point of view. He was able to balance the situation with the right objectivity and professionalism. He was always very helpful and open towards our requests. During the negotiation, we felt to be supported by the entire group. This had happened from the beginning of this path to the moment of the final deed of sale signing and even later.

Compared to the other competitors, which are the strengths of the Group?

Great Estate is surely a step ahead than the others. It faces the market with the above-mentioned qualities: first of all, professionalism, attention to the client and to the details.

Would you like to tell us shortly how the negotiation was? How is your relationship with the new owners?

The negotiation with the new owners has been very quick and easy. After a first contact of interest for the property, we established a meeting to visit it within a month (the current owners come from USA). Since the first visit, the buyers proved to be very interested and amazed by the property. Indeed, they decided to come back just a few days later. After this second visit, they confirmed their intention of purchasing it.

We feel good with them: we immediately had the sensation they were the right people to who selling our home, because they surely will have loved it as we still do.

By telling us to have fallen in love with the apartment from the very first time they saw it, they confirmed us the same sensation we had.

Finally, they assured us about the way they would have taken care of the home: precisely as we did. I truly appreciated it.

So, to conclude, would you suggest Great Estate to all those clients who want to sell their prestigious property? If so, why?

Absolutely! I would recommend it to every client who wants to sell his/her property to entrust him/herself to you and to follow your suggestions: we had the possibility to verify that your tips come from high qualified people who know their job well and are able to do it with a complete objectiveness and realism.

Dominga Maccari

This property has been successfully sold.

To find out the final sale value or search for other similar properties, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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