Silvio and Emilie: in Tuscany… “life is good”!

Silvio and Emilie: in Tuscany… “life is good”!

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We interviewed the nice and young international couple who, last spring, has become the new owner of “Le Lame” farmhouse, an amazing property located in the luxuriant countryside around Cetona, Tuscany.

Good morning Silvio and Emilie. We would like to discover something more about you.

During the last three years, we lived among Haiti, Philippines, and Washington DC. Both of us are NGO activists. We work for international NGOs which manage humanitarian and development aid programs.

Why did you decide to purchase a property in the center of Italy and, to be more precise, in Tuscany? Do you already know this region?

I, Silvio, come from Sicily, while Emilie from the center of France. We were looking for a place in the middle between our families, close to international airports, a fundamental element for our missions abroad. Tuscany, thanks to its unpolluted countryside and high life quality, seemed us the best choice.

How did you discover and contact Great Estate?

It was “Le Lame” farmhouse (discover the property here) which brought us to Great Estate! The property we purchased is the first we discovered when we started our on-line research in Tuscany. So, we contacted the agency for a visit. We visited about 20 properties all over Tuscany, four of which with Nicolò Cordone, a GE consultant.

What do you think about Nicolò’s, your GE trusted agent, work?

Nicolò immediately understood what we were looking for: a family home surrounded by nature where to escape among a mission and another. A place we can call “our home”. Even though we contacted him because of a specific property, Nicolò showed us many which corresponded to our criteria. However, we did not change our idea and, on the contrary, we confirmed it. Visiting other properties similar to “Le Lame” helped us to make our choice.

Would you like to tell us something about your experience with Nicolò?

Nicolò supported us during the whole process. It took a while because both we live abroad and of some administrative procedures. Despite the different time zones, he has always been helpful, even for the visits and if we were always traveling.

Nicolò simplified the administrative procedures and supported us toward the entire process! Moreover, by giving us important suggestions after the sale, he did not hesitate to help us enter the property too.

What did you like most about “Le Lame”? Why did you purchase it?

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It is hard to explain… we were amazed by this house since the beginning of our research. It was not the easiest choice to make because of the property state, which was not so ideal. Anyway, we have always been sure that this would have become our home. And we were right! The other properties we visited did not change our minds.

We know that this farmhouse needs renovation. Do you already have any specific project about it?

Yes, we do. It is a very ambitious project we started right when we move to the home. Works will keep months, maybe years! We are doing different things on our own and, once the works will be done, “Le Lame” farmhouse will become, as it already is, our main home.

What can you tell us about the location? Did you already know Cetona and its countryside? What to do you like about this area the most?

Compared to our initial research criteria, the farmhouse is a little more distant from the town, but we do not have any regret: indeed, we are surrounded by both a beautiful countryside and Cetona, with all its incredible features.

Here.. “life is good!”: breath-taking landscapes, efficient public services, and delicious food and drinks!

When did you meet “Le Lame” ex-owners for the very first time?

When we signed the preliminary contract.

Would you like to tell us shortly how the negotiation was? Do you have any particular memory or anecdote to tell to our readers?

The negotiation was very long but, thanks to the dynamism of the entire GE team, it took less time than expected.

Thinking about your experience with Great Estate, are you satisfied with the services for the buyers offered by our group? Do you have any suggestions to make?

We are completely satisfied because your real estate consultants did everything they could to achieve an agreement and satisfy both the parties. Moreover, we appreciated the transaction transparency and their honesty, as well as the professionalism of the different specialists who supported us (the notary, surveyor, etc.).

To conclude so, would you recommend Great Estate to the other international clients who, as you did, would like to purchase a prestigious property in Italy? And if so, why?

Absolutely! We surely recommend Great Estate for the trust you can give them both for complex operations remotely managed and the complete support which had satisfied all our expectations.

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