From Lombardy to Umbria: let’s meet the GE consultant Nicolò Cordone

From Lombardy to Umbria: let’s meet the GE consultant Nicolò Cordone

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He is one of the new professionals of the group led by Stefano Petri: Nicolò Cordone, the young real estate consultant we interviewed.

Welcome Nicolò. First of all, would you like to tell us something about yourself?

I was born in Lombardy but, when I was 13, I moved in Città Della Pieve with my family. Surely, the centre of my world is represented by the farmhouse which we renovated together and that, about twenty years ago, became Agriturismo Cimbolello, a perfect mix between hospitality and natural agriculture. The relocation, renovation and the agritourism start-up project were, in my life, fundamental experiences: they trained me even more of the travels or university studies I did. 

Nicolò, would you like to tell us something about your professional experiences before Great Estate?

In 2012, after the scientific high school diploma, I took a three-years degree in “peacekeeping operations, conflicts managing and mediation” at the Florence Ateneo. However, I have always worked: for weddings, in the theatres as lighting specialist, into the food mass distribution and catering. I have always been curios and dynamic. 

How did you start your cooperation with Great Estate?

I have always heard well about GE. Moreover, three of my friends were already working for the group: when I met Stefano Petri, I was finally convinced. It is about a year that I have the pleasure and honour to be part of this incredible reality. Stefano is a very professional person and I am sure that, with the group he created, I will be able to professionally and personally improve too.

To be more precise, what do you deal with?

I fluently speak English so I work with all the international clients who decide to use our services in the centre of Italy. I manly work with the buyers, but I have also acquired some properties for sale.

Given your last professional experiences, which are your impressions about the Group?

Personally, I think to be part of an amazing group. I really deal well with the entire team and every difficulty we had to face has always been solved rapidly. My colleagues have a really enviable professional experience and they are all very helpful: this is a unique case. The strength of this group support my personal and professional increasing too. It also gives me a great professional satisfaction, which is something very rare to find.

Would you like to tell us something about this your first GE year?

For now, I can not affirm anything for sure: we are dealing with some negotiations and soon I will reach some goals with some colleagues who I deeply appreciate. During the past months, I had the possibility to meet every professional of the network.

This made me understand that this is the group which I want to work with. Personally, I have many energies to give to the group and, in the meantime, I request many to trained to it as well.

What do you expect for your carrier in Great Estate?

Actually, I am not able to imagine it: I have just started and, with my colleagues’ support, I am still creating it. Surely, I am already able to see a productive and mutual opinions and experiences exchange: an important and fertile soil for my professional development. 

So, best of luck to our young partner!

Discover the other members of the GE team by visiting our website.

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