Alice Ceccomoro and the sale of “White Apartment”: “Bill and Eileen.. an amazing couple!”

Alice Ceccomoro and the sale of “White Apartment”: “Bill and Eileen.. an amazing couple!”

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On May 2019, Great Estate closed the sale of “White Apartment”, a beautiful apartment in the historic centre of Cetona. Alice Ceccomoro, the real estate consultant who managed the buyers, told us about her experience.

White Apartment” new owners, Bill and Eileen Senke, are a funny couple from Virginia, USA.

I personally met them last February, when they came into Italy to visit some properties. They contacted us through our website, and, after a very regular correspondence held in January, we finally met the next month.

Purchasing a small, renovated and ready-to-move-in apartment between Umbria and Tuscany was their desire. Moreover, it should have also included one or two bedrooms.

We visited something like 11 apartments among Todi, Massa Martana, Sarteano, Monteleone D’Orvieto and Cetona.

And there, right in Cetona, they saw “White Apartment” for the very first time. It was the property for which they contacted us through our website, the one that caught their attention immediately.

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Indeed, this property represented exactly what they were looking for: perfectly renovated and with an airy kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a large living room where to put a sofa-bed for their guests. Moreover, it is located into a “living” town in the south of Tuscany, where a charming square and all the needed services stand.

So, “White Apartment” was really their dream home!

At that point, the negotiation started. In its complex, it was a very smooth process: we did not find any problem and all went rapid and good. Giacomo, as always, was really excellent: with a great accuracy and efficiency, he had already collected all the urbanistic/cadastral papers needed. Moreover, Dominga, the vendor, was very polite and helpful.

The whole process was characterized by a harmonious atmosphere.

Bill and Eileen are going to spend as much time as possible in their new home but, once Bill will be retired, their will is the one of moving in there. 

Personally, I am very satisfied: I was able to establish an incredible relationship with Bill and Eileen, so it was a real pleasure to work with them. They are an amazing couple!

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