“Casa Martina” sale: the interview to Mr. Millefiorini

“Casa Martina” sale: the interview to Mr. Millefiorini

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Mr. Millefiorini, the seller of “Casa Martina”, told us about his experience with Great Estate.

My wife and I come from Rome, where we currently still live. I am a neurologist, while she has a degree in law. We are the owners of “Casa Martina” since 2016.

The choice of the countryside around Amelia as the location for our villa has been determined by the fact that, into the very close hamlet of Giove, some dear friends of us live.

This ex-novo villa took a very hard and long work to do! My wife has always had a particular interest for the modern building techniques aimed to the energy and environment saving: precisely from this idea, the “Casa Martina” project started.

First of all, our home had to be “safe”, respecting so all the anti-seismic criteria in force. Moreover, as mentioned before, our friends, some years ago, had built a wooden villa in Giove: this idea amazed us a lot. Indeed, we decided to do the same for our home by entrusting ourselves to the same contractor of them.

The final result was a charming, eco-friendly and easy to be managed villa.

However, during the years and both for personal and business reasons, we were not able to enjoy “Casa Martina” as we would: so, we finally decided to sell it.

After an initial cooperation with a real estate agency which brought no results, we chose Great Estate for the sale of our property. A dear friend of mine, a lawyer (who is actually the same friend living in Giove I told you before), suggested me to contact Mrs. Suzanne Van Ravenstein, a GE consultant.

After having signed the assignment for sale, Suzanne arranged about 4 property visits in just a week: three Italian potential buyers, two of who decided to present a purchase offer, and an Israeli couple.

It is to say that, in 3 months only, we received two purchase offers, one of which was accepted precisely at the price requested by my wife and I. a circumstance, this, that, given the current market situation, is quite rare to find.

For this reason, it has been a great satisfaction for us: the assistance received by Suzanne, our trusted real estate consultant, and, more in general, by the entire GE group, was incredibly professional and valid.

My wife and I are convinced that, compared to its competitors, the GE group is able to offer a higher experience, professionalism and efficiency, as well as great services. In particular, we really appreciate both the photo and drone shootings done for “Casa Martina”: very beautiful!

Because of what just said and a lot more, we deeply suggest Great Estate and its professionals to all those people who want to sell good and quickly their prestigious property!

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