Suzanne Van Ravenstein: the sale of “Casa Martina” was simply perfect

Suzanne Van Ravenstein: the sale of “Casa Martina” was simply perfect

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The Ge consultant who managed “Casa Martina” vendors tells us about the strategies, details and personal impressions about this recent May success.

When I met the owner of “Casa Martina”, the property was already on the market with another local agency for a year. The asking price was of € 480.000, but there were any property visit yet.

Through the use of The Best Price system, I identified a value which was in line with the market: € 425.000. For this reason, in accordance with the owners, we decided to decrease the property asking price to € 450.000. Moreover, they also signed a specifically international marketing plan: indeed, I explained them that the Italian clientele was not so interested into bio-buildings as “Casa Martina” was. However, in hindsight and considering that the property has been purchased by an Italian client, I changed my mind:

Nowadays, Italians understand the green-building importance and advantages too!

Once set this sale strategy up, we did three property visits in just a week. All the potential buyers were Italians and two of them also decided to present a purchase offer. The current “Casa Martina” new owner was managed by my colleague, Valter Luciani. 

To be more precise, there have been a further property visit, the one of an Israeli couple supported by my colleague Roberto Biggera: “Casa Martina” caught their attention, but it was too small for their exigencies. Indeed, they finally purchased “Casale Ameria”, located in the Amelia countryside too (read here our article about it).

I believe that the use of a particularly specific and organized sale strategy was something determinant and essential that allowed the receiving of two purchase offers in just three months.

This strategy was based on: 

  • The acquisition of the property at an interesting price (the difference between The Best Price estimate percentage and the requested price was of less than 10%);
  • The realization of a great property presentation (thanks to the signing of a marketing plan including an external video and a 360° internal one);
  • The qualitative and quantitative importance of our potential buyers internal database;
  • The “winning” property typology (that currently results the buyers’ most requested one: perfectly renovated 350-400sqm villas or farmhouses with low energy consumptions);
  • The GE team strength and harmony.

Personally, I believe that Italians clients were curious about this new way of thinking and realizing something first: a green-building including the most modern energy saving technologies (A3 class).  Then, after having seen the result of this new technique, they were amazed by the attention for the details and finishing used by the owner: she did a really great work. Indeed, no home-staging interventions were needed.

I am very satisfied with the conclusion of “Casa Martina” sale (discover the property here). In my opinion, it was simply perfect! All the documents were in compliance with the current law and this allowed us to close the negotiation at € 450.000: the exact amount requested by the vendors!

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