Valter Luciani: my profound esteem and gratitude for the buyers of “Casa Martina”

Valter Luciani: my profound esteem and gratitude for the buyers of “Casa Martina”

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During the sale of “Casa Martina”, Valter Luciani supported the buyers: his point of view.

Casa Martina” new owners are a couple from Naples: he is a lawyer, she is an accountant. They both love nature and rowing.

Their first farmhouse research dates back to 2018. They wanted a beautiful property in the centre of Italy, not too distant from Naples: Orvieto was their ideal geographical limit. At the beginning, their attention was caught by an agritourism. However, after some considerations, they changed their minds and oriented their research towards a smallest property, something “just for them”, where to enjoy peace and tranquillity but with the possibility of renting it.

Indeed, their main desire was the one of personally living their new home among the countryside and beautiful hamlets of the centre of Italy and there do their favourite sport and spend their free time.. as already said, two of their great passions!

So, at the end of March 2019, together with Suzanne Van Ravenstei, the vendors’ consultant, they visited “Casa Martina” for the very first time (click here to read the property tab).

It has been love at first sight. This villa was very particular: built following some innovative, functional and styled criteria. Rooms were the element which amazed them the most: their look, brightness and panorama.

The decision of purchasing “Casa Martina” comes from the great property presentation done by the GE specialists and Suzanne Van Ravenstein’s professionalism who, during the first property visit, gave them all the information needed right on the spot.

Just the time of creating a short and concrete property estimate for the financial part and clients immediately asked me to draw a purchase offer up. We had to move rapidly because, in the meantime, another client, managed by GE consultant Tommaso Liscaio, was interested in “Casa Martina” too: so, the possibility of a second purchase offer presentation stands too. Then, for several personal reasons, he decided not to proceed and so we were finally able to make the vendors accept our offer.

The whole negotiation went in the best way possible. The property papers were perfectly in accordance with the current law. On the cadastral section, a typing error small correction was the only thing needed: the notary and I have immediately solved it.

This sale is really satisfying for me!

We achieved a great result thanks to the advertising done by Great Estate. It reached the buyers and convinced them about “Casa Martina”. So, once again, our group won, being so able to sell, because perfectly in line with the price identified by The Best Price, our extraordinary real estate estimates program, a property right at the value requested by the owners.

Moreover, I was personally able to create a great relationship with my clients too. Indeed, they were very friendly and open to any situation we had to face. On May, 27th, after just two months since the purchase offer acceptance, the property final deed of sale was signed in Naples. Together with Suzanne, we pleasantly met for a “day out” trip into the amazing Naples.

The entire process went good, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere and, despite the bad weather of that day, the hospitality of the buyers was extremely warming and nice. Very kindly, after the signing and by making us enjoying the charming location where we were, they offered us a delicious lunch by the sea!

For this and much more I would like to thank Mr. Deo, Mrs. Nadia and their trusted specialist, Mr. Giuseppe.

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