Marble: quality, beauty and luxury

Marble: quality, beauty and luxury

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Discover with us the beauty of this precious material, which has always been used in the flooring and decoration of bathrooms and other rooms in the house.

Marble is one of the most sought after materials for surfaces. Italian marble in particular, is considered the most valuable in the world. There are many varieties, from the most classic to the very rare and special types.


The eternal beauty of marble derives first and foremost from its color, which often determines the degree of quality, but also from the quantity and arrangement of the veins, as well as the degree of compactness of the surface.

Elegance, versatility, functionality and resistance make this stone ideal for floors and walls in the home.

One hundred percent natural, ecological, free of toxic agents, marble is pleasant to the touch and eternally durable and capable of conveying excellent health qualities.

Furthermore, thanks to marble’s innate shine, it manages to make every room in the home bright and shiny. It has the advantage of illuminating the rooms, making them appear large and deeper, making the environments “timeless”, perfect for both classic style furnishings and contemporary trends.


Travertine marble is the most widely used type, both because it is abundantly present in Italy, and because it is easily workable. Often the protagonist of both the internal and external flooring of prestigious homes, this marble finds an ideal location in the bathrooms and solariums of swimming pools, not only for an aesthetic factor: travertine comes from limestone deposits coming from thermal water, therefore in contact with the water.

Enveloping and refined, this marble is perfect for ensuring that the bathroom environment can offer a pleasant sensorial experience.

Other types of marble such as Italian Carrara marble, the delicate pink marble of Portugal, biancone, the greenish marble, Iraqi yellow, the green of Guatemala and finally deep onyx, are used above all to “decorate” the tops of washbasins, particular sections of walls and to cover bathtubs.

Since marble is a unique raw material, as each slab is characterized by a particular and unique color and veining, the use of marble will make your home truly exclusive and infinitely personal: an investment of infinite duration, ready to give you eternal satisfaction.

The Great Estate group is proud to present you three wonderful properties whose interiors have been enhanced thanks to the use of precious marble.


In Tuoro Sul Trasimeno, surrounded by a magnificent garden with swimming pool and enchanting view of the lake, a charming Art Nouveau villa from the early 1900’s. A majestic residence where time stands still.

Villa Maestà offers a truly evocative atmosphere. In the charming lounge on the ground floor the original wooden beams, the fireplace and the travertine marble floors create an environment in which you can breathe ancient charm.

Added value of this magnificent property is its beautiful park of over 1.5 hectares: well-kept and lush, it features centures-old trees, aromatic and tall trees, a rich variety of flowers, an olive grove and a wonderful swimming pool overlooking Lake Trasimeno and its countryside.


La Tana Di Bacco is a characteristic recently renovated stone farmhouse located in the countryside of Cortona, reachable in just a few minutes by car. The property has a surface area of approximately 200 sqm distributed over two floors. 

This property has a typical country feel. The style of the interiors, simple and full of character, strongly recalls Tuscan country houses. The living area, for example, was created using materials typical of the Tuscan tradition such as wood, which we find both in the fixtures and in the furniture, and the travertine used in the flooring.

La Tana Di Bacco farmhouse is embellished with a large plot of 2,300 sqm which, in addition to a beautiful panoramic swimming pool, surrounded by different varieties of flowers and ornamentals plants, also houses an enchanting olive grove.


Splendid residence of modern conception built from scratch near Orvieto. Brightness and panoramic views are great benefits of Villa Collepiano, which has a surface area of approximately 330 sqm, distributed on two floors.

The interiors of Villa Collepiano perfectly express the contemporary style of the property. The large bright living area houses an elegant kitchen with island and a large open space living room. The floors are in a beautiful marble. The wooden window frames, in typical English style, harmonize perfectly with the various arches in the living area.

Outside, this charming property is surrounded by a magnificent garden of over 2 and a half hectares with a large swimming pool, which offers an extraordinary panoramic view of its Umbrian hills.

These and other properties signed by Great Estate demonstrate how the skillful use of high quality materials such as marble, combined with elements typical of the territory and tradition, can create a prestigious home with a personalized design.

Contact us to find out more and discover how to enhance your property in Umbria or Tuscany, or how to find a unique property in the wonderful countryside of central Italy.

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