Lake Corbara in Umbria: living among nature and pristine landscapes

Lake Corbara in Umbria: living among nature and pristine landscapes

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How about a walk around Lake Corbara? We offer you a journey to discover an extraordinary area and a prestigious property signed by Great Estate.

Nestled among hilly landscapes, exciting colors and pristine nature, is Lake Corbara: an artificial lake with a rich ecosystem, as well as a destination for nature tourism.

Lake Corbara is part of the protected area of the Tiber River Park, where you can spot beautiful specimens of herons and other species of small birds, even rare ones, which find shelter here in the lush vegetation.
Furthermore, the body of water is a very popular place for both sports enthusiasts and sport fishing enthusiasts.

In the surroundings of this suggestive landscape, there are some small characteristic villages.

Among these we remember Baschi: a medieval village in the south-west of Umbria perched on a rock protrusion overlooking the Tiber.

The most reliable historical information on this center dates back to 1235, a period during which it was a fortified village under the jurisdiction of the Baschi family. Both the bronze fragment, found in 1719 by the archpriest Giovanni Nicola Pennacchi (the so-called “Fragmentum Tudertinum”, with imprinted rules of law “Lex Tudertina”), and a statue of the god Tiberinus, whose base is still visible today at the entrance of Baschi, testify to how this town became a nucleus of considerable importance in Roman times.

Its historic center is decidedly suggestive, usually called “the holes” due to the rather small dimensions of the alleys, houses, doors and windows: a true “small ancient world”, still perfectly preserved today.

In the beautiful naturalistic setting of Lake Corbara and its surroundings, today Great Estate is pleased to present you a fascinating property.

An authentic farmhouse, ideal for those who love the quiet and landscapes of the upper Tiber valley, nestled on the hill overlooking the vineyards and woods of the Corbara lake area: we welcome you to Casale Poggio del Sole just 10 km from Orvieto.

The interior spaces are bright, particularly welcoming and finished with quality materials and details. The choice of wooden furnishings made by local artisans is perfect, giving both the living area and the bedrooms a country-romantic touch.

Casale Poggio del Sole is embellished with a magnificent garden of approximately 0.5 hectares which is home to centuries-old oak trees, fruit trees, olive trees and a small forest. Surrounded by greenery, a beautiful swimming pool with artisan terracotta solarium: the ideal place to relax in Umbrian nature.

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