Parquet: how to make your home warm and welcoming

Parquet: how to make your home warm and welcoming

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For you, a brief guide on parquet: a unique material, capable of giving character and style to the rooms of your home.

Warm, elegant and always in style, parquet is a highly appreciated material used for our floors: it gives an unparalleled character to the spaces in your home, offering the possibility of playing with shades and materials to obtain a unique design.

Traditionally used for bedrooms, embracing a more modern concept, interior designers increasingly use parquet to furnish every room of the house, as well as for exteriors such as terraces, gardens, walls or swimming pools.


Solid parquet

The most used and classic, solid parquet is considered the parquet for excellence, as its slats are entirely made of solid wood, without the addition of less noble layers.

Pre-finished parquet

Unlike the previous type, pre-finished parquet is composed of various pre-assembled layers, a layer of noble wood usually supported by a layer of so-called “poor” wood, or by several layers of the same material. It is already complete with the final finish and only requires final installation.

Natural parquet

Entirely composed of materials found in nature, as well as wood from certified forests, this type of parquet represents undoubtedly the most ecological solution. A natural parquet floor, in addition to being sustainable and respectful to the environment, will give you the authentic warmth of wood.

Raw parquet

Raw parquet is characterized by a “natural” installation, i.e. without the final finish. It has a “raw” surface capable of enhancing the “imperfections” of the wood, with its knots and its multiple shades of color. Many appreciate it precisely for this characteristic, while others for the possibility of finishing it according to their taste.



Its nuance, very close to yellow, allows this type of wood to pleasantly combine with neutral colors such as beige, cream and soft greys, giving elegance and charm to home environments.
Oak wood is robust and particularly resistant to impacts, compression, bending and wear, as well as parasites, humidity and atmospheric agents.


Thanks to its light color, this wood goes perfectly with furnishings and walls in warmer colors as well as with light walls. Good stability and resistance, even to temperature changes and humidity, make walnut wood perfectly usable in any domestic environment.


Thanks to its golden-brown color, teak wood flooring goes very well with classic white walls, with those tending towards brown, light yellow, blue, anthracite gray and dove gray, as well as with wooden or brick walls.

Teak is also ideal for outdoor flooring, such as terraces, gardens, walls or swimming pools. In fact, the oily resin it produces, gives this material resistance and protection from humidity, liquids, parasites and temperature changes.

If you’re thinking of renovating your home and making it even more welcoming, and with an aesthetic impact thanks to the use of parquet or other prestigious coverings, this short guide may be useful for choosing the one that best suits your desires and needs.

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