Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Chiara Pompili

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Chiara Pompili

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Today we get to know better Chiara Pompili, International Property Consultant of the Great Estate office in Cetona (SI) of the Great Estate group.


My name is Chiara Pompili, Tuscan DOC since 1986, graduated in 2005 from the I.T.C. of Chiusi (SI) as a technician and commercial expert.

My work experience has always been in the field of sales, in various areas, as well as a parenthesis in the administrative sector. I soon realized that office work wasn’t up my alley, while I have always drawn gratitude and sincere satisfaction from the dynamism and relationships established with “the other”: the human aspect is the focus of everything for me.

I really love reading, writing and speaking…not only in our fascinating Italian language, but also and above all in English, which I have always studied with great enthusiasm. I also love French, which I promised myself to study in a more structured way in the near future.

I believe that having the right tools to express yourself correctly with others helps you connect, and the result is always something beautiful.


My first meeting with Great Estate, and in particular with our CEO Stefano Petri, dates back to 2007.

At the time, I had no experience in the world of real estate, I showed up at the interview iwth a young face capable of looking straight into the eyes of the interlocutor, the desire to do and learn, to get to know a place that was still unexplored for me, but at the same time fascinated me.
From that first meeting, the outcome of which was more than positive, almost 17 years of great collaboration followed.
I started by dealing with customer consultancy, initially managing a purely Italian clientele. In the following years, with more experience behind me and further language courses aimed at improving my command of English, I also began to manage international customers.
At that point, I became aware of the fact that I was doing a job that I loved, in one of the most beautiful places in the world, dealing with prestigious properties and with the opportunity to meet different people every day, coming from every corner of the globe and establishing a relationship of trust with them to accompany them on this beautiful journey of buying or selling a property in Italy.


Correctness, professionalism and availability are the three pillars of the Great Estate philosophy that I fully embrace.

As I always say, we wake up in the morning with the awareness that we will start a new day with the desire to “do well” which, translated means providing 360° assistance to all of our clients, be they buyers or sellers, Italian or International, with the aim of representing for them a point of reference for the sale of prestigious properties in Italy.
Alongside the human relationship, which is the basis of GE’s modus operandi and the know-how acquired over time, there is also continuous research and improvement from an IT standpoint in order to offer ever greater services to our clients.

For this reason, just to name one example, The Best Price was born, our real estate evaluation software based on scientific criteria thanks to which we are able to provide objective estimates which, combined with the other two “V’s” of the GE method (Visibility and Verification) make it possible to sell a property in the shortest time and at the best price.


“Life is a journey where you never stop learning” and, certainly, continuing to grow and learn is one of the most important focuses that we must never forget.


A phrase that I often use with our clients, and of which I am extremely convinced is:

“There is never a second chance to make a good first impression”, also understood as starting off on the right foot.

In fact, I believe that in every circumstance we must do everything possible (and sometimes even the impossible) to lay the correct foundations for that particular thing to happen, without running into hypothetical and avoidable initial “mistakes” that could jeopardize a successful outcome.


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