Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Tullio Morandi

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Tullio Morandi

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It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Eng. Tullio Morandi, head of the valuation department of the Great Estate group.


I grew up in Piazze, a small village in the municipality of Cetona. My scholastic education is purely scientific: I attended the Scientific High School in Città della Pieve and subsequently enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Perugia, where I first obtained a three-year degree in Civil Engineering and subsequently, a master’s degree in Environmental and Territorial Engineering. Since March 2023 I have been officially registered with the Order of Engineers of Perugia.

Before joining Great Estate, I was a teacher of Mathematics and Physics, both in primary and secondary schools.
I consider myself a sunny, creative, extroverted and curious person. I love learning new things, I have a strong sense of duty and I am very precise.


Before joining the group, I had heard a lot about both Great Estate, given that people I grew up with and who have now become my colleagues work there, and Stefano Petri.
The day I met him personally I was very struck by his human side and his positivity.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to get to know him better, and I see in him a person who wants to improve himself day after day: an example and a point of reference for our entire group.

To date, I have been working for Great Estate as head of the group’s valuation department for approximately three years.

Specifically, I carry out verification work: I check the entry of property data into our management system by individual professionals and, through the use of our “The Best Price” evaluation system, I carry out estimates of all properties, to identify the most objective market value, and therefore, the best purchase price.


One of the aspects that mainly struck me was the professionalism that characterizes the “way” of working at Great Estate.
I believe that the unity of the group is the real strength of this company. I was able to perceive a true unity of intent on the part of each professional who, in the process followed to achieve the set objectives, always uses the word “WE” rather than “I”.

Furthermore, I was decidedly impressed by the power of the high-performance and very well-structured IT tools on which the network’s professionals can count to carry out the sale of properties, following the application of precise steps: evaluation, visibility, verification and…sale: our 4 V method.


In the future I would like to continue training in my professional field.
The code of ethics of the Order of Engineers, to which I am a member, provides for a moral duty of continuous and constant training. Specifically, I will attend courses, seminars and doctorates recognized by the CNI (National Council of Engineers).
Regarding my work at Great Estate, my intention is to continue taking refresher courses to increase my knowledge, such as webinars on real estate valuations and appraisal courses.

My motto is:

Either you train or you stop!


My mindset has been and continues to be consistent with my way of being and approaching life and people, respectful and correct.
In the workplace this is reflected in paying close attention to real estate valuations:
clients who rely on us to evaluate their properties expect ethically correct, objective and competent behavior and approach.

Working at Great Estate I have the opportunity to grow more and more, both from a professional and human point of view. The working environment is very familiar and characterized by a great unity of purpose among colleagues, with whom I have a wonderful relationship.
I strongly believe that the human factor is the real winning aspect for achieving great results!

I am proud and happy to be part of this amazing family.



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