Tasi Latest News – First Installment now due on the 16th June

Tasi Latest News – First Installment now due on the 16th June

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It has now been confirmed that the first installment of the new TASI tax will be due on June 16, 2014. The tax covers services, such as street lighting, that are provided by the local municipality and will be payable by all homeowners.

This confirmation comes despite the proposed postponement to September that was suggested by the Undersecretary of the Economy Enrico Zanetti.

After a round of meetings with the Italian municipalities, who stated that they were against the extension, it seems that everything is now going as planned for the June date. Municipalities had lobbied, for example, on the problems they would have in delivering local services if there had been a postponement.

The rates will be approved by May 23rd and will then be registered on the Ministry of the Economy website by May 31st. In addition to the rates, the resolution must also fix any increases of 0.8 per thousand to be allocated between the first and second property, accompanied by the relevant deductions.

Municipalities must also set the share of tax that will be paid by tenants. This could range between 10% and 30% of the total amount. Where municipalities do not take decisions by the 23rd of May, principal home owners will be able to pay for everything in a lump sum by the 16th December 2014, while owners of second homes will still have to pay their IMU and Tasi by the 16th of June.

As for the Tasi, where the rate has not been set, second home owners will have to pay 50% of the basic rate of 1 per thousand, or, according to the Finance specialists, an annual flat rate of 10% per annum (i.e. 5% for the first installment) that will be paid by the tenant instead.

In short, doubts and uncertainties remain and the implementation will not be easy for either taxpayers or administrators.

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