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Among the exclusive services offered by the Great Estate network there is also Home Staging: a real marketing tool which, by leveraging the emotional aspect of the purchase, helps to get to the sale of a property faster and more profitably.

According to Gerald Zaltman, a professor at the Harvard Business School, 95% of purchasing decisions are made on an unconscious level, therefore in the wake of emotions.
This leads us to an important conclusion: emotions play a central role in the sales process.

Home Staging is the art of preparing properties for sale:
an effective real estate marketing strategy because it leverages the emotional component of the purchase.

In fact, the property is set up in such a way as to obtain a real “WOW EFFECT!”

When you sell your property you are not only selling a property but also a lifestyle.

To make a good first impression, you have only one opportunity: using Home Staging means making the most of it!

Among the real estate marketing tools and strategies, Home Staging is demonstrating year after year, sale after sale, its effectiveness and its winning and advantageous character. The reasons?

  • focuses on emotions and makes the properties for sale more captivating;
  • attracts more people thanks to the emotional power of images;
  • helps to reduce sales times and defend the price.

The correct and captivating presentation of a property for sale is essential in order to achieve the best possible result, both in terms of achievable price and sales times. In fact, both national and international statistics prove that properties valued through a Home Staging intervention before being placed on the real estate market, obtain faster sales times and lower price discount percentages.

In an increasingly smart and competitive market, the enhancement of a property ensures that it emerges and stands out on the market and increases its appeal on the web.

As a result, this produces an increase in potential buyers and therefore in visits to the property. During the latter, the set-up designed by the professional home stager will be able to capture the attention and evoke the emotions of the clients.

In recent years, the demand for “the most beautiful houses” has grown steadily:
preparing, setting up and then enhancing the properties for quick and profitable placement on the market responds precisely to this need.

Today, around 77% of those wishing to buy a house turn first to the Internet: there, the pictures of the property are what ‘speak’ first.

So the professional home stager intervenes in the presentation of the property through “ad hoc” interventions and then offers a professional photo shoot that, placed on specific portals, will succeed in attracting the attention of potential buyers, thus allowing the sale objective to be reached.

These images clearly show how a home staging intervention can really make a difference in the presentation of a property. In particular, they concern ‘Casa Glam’, a delightful sky-terrace located in the historical centre of Monteleone d’Orvieto (Terni) sold by consultant couple Ilaria Peparaio and Alice Ceccomoro in JUST ONE DAY!

Ilaria Peparaio
Alice Ceccomoro

If you are curious to know the details of the Home Staging intervention on ‘Casa Glam’, we recommend reading this article above.

Do you want to sell your property quickly and profitably?

Trust Great Estate and our exclusive services such as Home Staging.

Contact our main office for more information.


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