Home Sweet Home: Great Estate’s recommendations for renovating your home

Home Sweet Home: Great Estate’s recommendations for renovating your home

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From choosing the heart of the house to choosing the color palettes, discover Great Estate’s recommendations for renovating your home and making it truly YOURS.

“Construction is to hold up: Architecture is to move.”

Le Corbusier

This is the concept that in English underlies the two different terms with which the word “house” is translated: the one in a material, tangible sensehouse – and the other intended as a family nesthome.

For this reason, renovating a house, redesigning spaces, colors and furnishing elements proves to be a great commitment also from an emotional point of view.

In fact, the renovation of one’s home is not a simple series of technical and material interventions on the building (house), but also involves the emotional sphere (home) of those who will live there.

There are those who bet everything on style, those on green choices, those who design a home on the concept of conviviality and those who love technology…It will still be “home sweet home” for everyone.

Here are our 5 helpful tips:

1. The heart of the home

It can be the kitchen or a large living area: it is the space that needs to be studied the most, not only through one’s taste but also with a view to better space management, the creation of a focal point, the enhancement of a feature such as a panoramic view of the outside.

2. Simple and functional

Whatever furnishing style you prefer, aim to interpret it in the name of convenience, comfort and at the same time, functionality. When renovating a house it is easy to get carried away and buy a multitude of objects and pieces of furniture. To avoid losing sight of the big picture, it is better to choose a few pieces that fit perfectly, in harmony or in stark contrast, in the house.

3. Ad hoc color palette

To live your lifestyle well, it is essential to immediately define the color palette: from pastel tones to those of the earth and forest, from classic white combined with greige or gray to more decisive tones. Starting from this base you can then define any other choice, such as that of the floors.

4. Hi-tech comfort

Choose technological solutions that not only simplify your life and make every room even more comfortable, from the bathroom to the living room, up to the kitchen and bedrooms, but which also allow you to monitor home safety and energy consumption.

5. Outdoor entertainment

When it comes to a house in the countryside, the outdoor space must be studied carefully. A place of relaxation and entertainment, it can be designed to respond to different uses to be in harmony with each other. From the cocktail corner to the solarium, imagine how you would like to enjoy your greenery.

The decision to renovate a house also involves an important investment from a more concrete and practical point of view: a series of choices and a significant economic and time commitment, in consideration of which careful design and programming.

To learn more, we recommend reading our handbook on restructuring in Italy.
Handbook on restructuring in Italy.

The Great Estate group makes use of various professionals, experts in the real estate sector, who will be able to provide you with valid advice and valuable tips to help make your beautiful dream come true!

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