The beauty of the centre of Italy: purchasing your second home between Tuscany and Umbria

The beauty of the centre of Italy: purchasing your second home between Tuscany and Umbria

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In Italy, the second homes request is growing up: our peninsula and, in particular, Tuscany and Umbria confirm themselves as some of the most interesting markets.

Thanks to the prices reduction, the number of the investors who look at the centre of Italy as an ideal place where purchasing a second home is increasing. Of course there are others countries where the purchase is affordable too, but the Bel Paese still remain, in the collective imagination, the perfect place to relax and breath that particular atmosphere rich of history and culture that can be found only here.

Since the 17th century, when the young European nobles had to begin their Grand Tour, the Italian towns have always represented their final destination because they were considered as an important, or even fundamental, stop for the cultural education of the guys: Florence, Rome, Naples and many other cities were considered the guardians of the history and the starting points of the art, literature or architecture studies.

Probably, because of the modern transfer ease and the fact that large cities are no longer the only “pilgrimage” destinations, the Grand Tour would be bigger today: a lot of small hamlets or natural areas have become the core of a more aware tourism, aimed to search quiet and natural places. Tuscany, with its amazing landscapes, still remain one of the favourite regions for it. However, during the last year, Umbria has become the protagonist of an important revival in this sense and is currently following the same steps of the near region. Indeed, its uncontaminated nature, the typical hamlets and towns are just a few of the attractions of this region, which is drawing tourists and investors who decide to purchase here a second home.

Particularly loved is the countryside around Todi, where some beautiful properties stand.

Between them, we would like to present you “Il Colle Degli Arcieri”: surrounded by a natural and uncontaminated context, this splendid and ancient farmhouse, thanks to its original tone (click here to read the property sheet), catches the attention immediately. Inside, selected materials as face on sight stones, cotto and wood have been used. Those were all wisely recovered from the ancient 1681 building – the emblems and references to the Corsini noble family in the living rooms are just an example of it – and brought back today to an extraordinary splendour. Outside, the property offers a great park with swimming pool.

However, the beauty of this residence stands in its location too: opened and uncontaminated, with an incredible 360° panoramic view but, in the meantime, only a few kilometres away from the charming medieval town of Todi.

Discover this extraordinary farmhouse in Umbria and all the other prestigious properties proposed by the Great Estate Group.

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