Tripadvisor crowns the region of Umbria: the top Italian regional cuisine

Tripadvisor crowns the region of Umbria: the top Italian regional cuisine

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According to the famous touristic portal, is Umbria the best region where to eat.

How many of you, during a day-trip and after having tasted the courses proposed by a restaurant, have never done a review on the famous Tripadvisor portal? Well, in accordance with the reviews done by thousands of national and international tourists, the Umbrian cuisine is, for the second and consecutive year, the best among the Italian regional ones.

Indeed, in the national rank, Umbria, with a 4.21 score, is at the top. It is followed by Basilicata, Tuscany, Calabria and Trentino Alto Adige. In the international one, instead, the Umbrian score is of 4.35,Tuscany – 4.31 – and Molise – 4.28.

Gli Strangozzi, a traditional dish of Spoleto, Umbria.

The Umbrian cuisine is mainly composed by both simple ingredientsand  farmers-traditionrecipes:

from the Torta al Testo to the Crescia, from the Trasimeno Lake fish courses, to the Strangozzi alla Spoletina, from the Penne alla Norcinato the truffle courses, from the Torta di Pasquato the Torcolo Umbro and many others.

Torta al testo

A great satisfaction for everyone who, day by day, with commitment and passion, do the many food and agri-food activities, using and producing top products of the green heart of Italy.

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