To the discovery of the Italian Via Francigena: its nomination for the UNESCO World Heritage List

To the discovery of the Italian Via Francigena: its nomination for the UNESCO World Heritage List

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News and curiosities about the ancient “Via Francigena” for which, in February 2018, the process for its nomination for the UNESCO World heritage List had started.

The “Via Francigena”: the historic “path” that, starting from the North of Europe, reaches Rome. In 990 A.D., it was travelled by the Archbishop Sigerico of Canterbury, who held a very detailed travel diary, writing down the entire route and where the pilgrims could stay.

With a length of 1.800 kilometres, 850 of which are in Italy, it is divided into seventy stops. Today, the Via Francigena still represents one of the most famous and loved religious pilgrimages that, starting from Canterbury in the UK, ends in Rome in San Pietro Square. However, it is not just a “religious” path, but it is also a cultural and touristic one: indeed, it is travelled and “visited” by those who love to discover beautiful and suggestive places, which are usually distant from the mass tourism, or by adventurous tourists who want to “challenge themselves” by realizing a travel which embraces both soul and body!

La via Francigena candidata a Patrimonio Unesco: tra le regioni interessate ovviamente anche la nostra Toscana


It is important to remember that, last February, the nomination process of the Italian “Via Francigena” for the UNESCO Word Heritage List
had started in Florence. The project, that includes the Piedmont, Valle D’Aosta, Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Latium regions too.

following the objective of the valorisation of the ancient path part which crosses the interested Regions, with the aim of seeing their characteristics and importance, both by a cultural and natural point of view, recognized

Moreover, without forgetting the impact that the realization of this objective could potentially have on the touristic presences in this territories, with a consequential and positive economic repercussion.

Between the different suggestive and characteristic passages of the “Via Francigena”, we would like to remember you the one that starts from San Gimignano, in the province of Siena, and continues to the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Minore. Between the most beautiful parts of the path, it is possible to find one more of them just going southern: between Tuscany and Latium, precisely between Radicofani and Acquapendente. Here it is possible to admire the old Cassia road and the hamlet of Centeno, which was a stop of Galileo before reaching Rome for the judgment of the Santo Uffizio (Holy Office).

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