The interview with the vendors of “Il Casolare Del Parco”

The interview with the vendors of “Il Casolare Del Parco”

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“Great Estate distinguished itself for the presentation of our farmhouse and its huge promotion”. Those are the words of the ex-owners of “Il Casolare Del Parco”, sold by Great Estate in September 2020 thanks to the work of our consultant Valter Luciani. The interview.

Welcome, Mrs. Manuela. Thank you for your time. First of all, would you like to tell us how your families discovered Umbria and, in particular, the countryside near Monteleone D’Orvieto?

Umbria has always been present in the life of our two families composed of the two young brothers – Anna and Sandro, who unfortunately passed away – their spouses and their children.

At that time, why did you decide to purchase a property in Monteleone D’Orvieto?

It was through a dear friend, in this way Anna, Sandro, and their spouses, they could discover Monteleone D’Orvieto. So, once they had the occasion during the ‘70s, they decided that this beautiful town could have become their second home, especially because of its vicinity to Rome, which is about an hour and a half by car.

After the purchasing, have you done any renovation to the farmhouse? Did you entrust yourself to any local professional for the project realization?

Yes, after having purchased “Il Casolare Del Parco”, we decided to start some renovation works to the property. Moreover, in about 50 years, in small steps and with attention, commitment, and time passed at the house, we also did many improvements. For this reason, we entrusted ourselves to some local experts as Surveyor Luigi Pizziconi from Monteleone D’Orvieto. He dealt with the projects and the papers needed, something sometimes very hard to obtain.

Let’s talk now about the farmhouse named “Il Casolare Del Parco” that, in cooperation with Great Estate, you were able to sell to a couple from Denmark. Do you remember any particular anecdote about this home?

For years, it has represented the ideal place where to spend some relaxing moments together surrounded by a natural oasis and far from the city. So, the perfect destination to spend our weekends, celebrations, and holidays (discover it here).

“Il Casolare Del Parco” reminds us about many happy moments spent together. The anecdotes we could tell you are many, so it is very difficult to summarize them in a few lines.

Among everything, I nostalgically remember the ones about the harvest of the vineyard and olive groves. Parents and friends were all part of a great team, everyone with a very specific task. In the end, we used to celebrate the end of the harvest together, in front of a table set, and a glass of wine from our grapes.

However, life is unpredictable. For this reason, exigences change. This is why we decided to sell our farmhouse.

How did you meet Valter Luciani, your trusted agent in Great Estate?

When we decided to sell, despite the many doubts and considerations, given that our hearts did not agree with this choice, Mr. Livio – one of our local friends and the person who supported us in the maintenance of the park – introduced us to Valter Luciani.

Valter seemed us the right person to who give our “pearl”.

His reliability and skills reassured us. In fact, we decided to give him the assignment for sale, even if we already had other friends and agencies who were helping us.

However, with time passing, we understood the potentialities and professionalism of Great Estate.

Compared to the other agencies, it distinguished itself for the presentation of the property and its advertising, fundamental to find the right client for our home and start a negotiation.

For this reason, we decide to follow Valter’s suggestion and, more in general, the ones of Great Estate.

Let’s talk now about the negotiation. Would you like to tell us your impressions about it?

The negotiation was quite long and complex, even because the buyers were in another country. Moreover, the historical moment we are living in is very hard, Covid-19 included. It surely did not help. Despite this, we waited with patience and respected all the timing established. Then, we were not in a hurry, so it has surely helped.

What can you tell us about the buyers? Which kind of relation do you have with them?

We met on the occasion of their visit to the farmhouse. They seemed us really interested, and “worthy” of our property. Moreover, they were very helpful and patient with us. Indeed, we found an agreement with no difficulties.

We are sure that they will take care of “Il Casolare Del Parco” and they will do everything they can to make it even more charming than it is. Our Italy is one of the best nations in the world: not by chance, these Danish clients decided to invest in our marvelous Umbria.

Going back to your cooperation with Great Estate, what can you tell us about your experience with us and, more in particular, with Mr. Luciani?

Valter was surely helpful, professional, and patience in every single moment.

For this reason, we really thank him.

To conclude, are you satisfied with this experience? Would you recommend Great Estate to those who, as you did, want to sell their home?

Of course! We are really satisfied with this experience and we really would recommend Great Estate for its professionalism, help, skills, friendship and humanity they proved us.

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    • Virginia Vaccaro

      Hello, thank you for your comment. We sold the property on 2020 to a couple from Denmark.
      We remain at your disposal if you are looking to purchase a similar property in Umbria.
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