The new owners of “Villa Smeraldo”: our interview to Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Axel

The new owners of “Villa Smeraldo”: our interview to Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Axel

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Despite the current emergency, Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Axel realized a dream: purchasing a charming villa in Italy. This was possible thanks to the efficient organization of Great Estate that, in the persons of Riccardo Luculli and Nadia Aron from “Italia Immobilien” – a GE partner agency – have perfectly managed the buyers.

Good morning Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Axel, congratulations on this recent purchase! Would you like to tell us something about yourself?

We are a six-people-family: the youngest is 4 years old, while the oldest 63. We live in Berlin. The adults work in the health sector.

How long have you been looking for a property in Italy? Which kind of property were you looking for?

Our research went on for about 4 years. Once figured the location out, we focused our research on a villa that had to be really beautiful and old. However, with the time passing, we realized that it would have been hard for us to manage and organize all the renovation from Germany.

Why did you decide to purchase a property in Italy and, to be more specific, in Umbria, near Lake Trasimeno? Did you already know the area?

Our family loves Italy, especially Umbria and Tuscany. We have been there many times, even for our summer holidays.

The characteristics we love the most about these regions are their amazing and luxuriant nature, finest wines and olive-oil, as well as the fact that both may be reached via car, train, or plane. However, the main element we have always loved is the hospitality and friendliness of people.

How did you meet Riccardo Luculli and Nadia Aron, the persons in charge of the GE German market?

At the beginning, we were in contact with Nadia. We discovered her while doing some on-line researches. When we started to ask for information about the renovation of a home, Nadia introduced us her husband, Riccardo, a specialist of the field. Once we decided to visit some properties, we finally met both of them.

Thanks to Nadia and Riccardo you were finally able to purchase your new, splendid residence. What do you think about these two professionals and the experience you had with them?

We trusted each other. Nadia and Riccardo proved us immediately to be transparent, professionals, and experts of the places where they are living and working.

For potential buyers – in our case Germans – it is fundamental that their real estate consultants speak both German and Italian, and know all the laws connected to the purchase of an estate of both the states. Those rules may be common, but sometimes they can also be divergent.

The assistance and support received from Nadia and Riccardo has been incredible, they did not stop at the purchase. For example, talking about the final deed of sale, Riccardo set up an appointment with the notary but, since we could not be present, we gave him the power of attorney. Moreover, his support will not stop here either: we have many projects to realize!

Let’s talk now about your new amazing property, “Villa Smeraldo”. Do you remember your first visit to the house? Which were your first impressions?

At the end of a very busy day spent in visiting several properties around Lake Trasimeno, Nadia and Riccardo brought us to “Villa Smeraldo”.

What to say… we immediately fell in love with every single aspect of it: the house, its modern finishing and the amazing view on the Trasimeno, the fourth lake in Italy for dimensions.

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Why did you decide to purchase a property in Italy in a so complex moment like the present one?

We took this decision before Coronavirus. For this reason, the purchase of “Villa Smeraldo” happened. After so long research, this emergency did not represent us as a reason for changing our minds. So, as already said, we decided to sign the final deed of sale as soon as possible and by giving to Riccardo the power of attorney. Moreover, we would like to underline our trust in the European Union and Italy, they will overcome this crisis.

To conclude so, would you recommend Nadia and Riccardo, partners of Great Estate, to other international clients who, as you did, want to invest in Italy?

Personally, I think that – especially for international real estate purchases – the element “trust” based on personal recommendations plays a fundamental role.

For this reason, we are glad to testify this trust towards you as Italia Immobilien and Great Estate. We will surely recommend your group to other international clients! We could not have found anything better for our purchase in Italy.

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