Valentina Fabbrizzi, the new Office Co-Ordinator of Great Estate

Valentina Fabbrizzi, the new Office Co-Ordinator of Great Estate

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We are glad to introduce you Valentina!

Valentina Fabbrizzi studied English at “The English Language School” of St. Louis (MO-US).

Her first professional experience dates back to 1998, when she worked as an incoming agent for an important Tuscan tour operator.

Driven by a strong travel desire, she started then her hostess carrier for the Alitalia company.

After this long and amazing experience worldwide, she moved in Umbria, where took a Hotel Manager and Wedding Planner job into a four-stars hotel.

In parallel with the practice experience, she attended different training and refresher courses held by the Cescot Umbria for the managing of a Hotel and by the Fenice Di Roma for the role of Wedding and Events Planner too.

Thanks to a complete training path, Valentina was able to reach the skills and professionalism which allow her to plan very important events.

In April 2012, she finally met the Great Estate family and so decided to start a new adventure as the Office Co-Ordinator with great commitment, professionalism and dedication.

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