Great Estate and its professionals: the interview to the real estate agent Filippo Cori

Great Estate and its professionals: the interview to the real estate agent Filippo Cori

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He joined the Great Estate team about two years ago. Filippo Cori, a real estate agent coming from some very affirmed Italian Real Estate environments and whose experience can only enrich every one of us.

Filippo, since how many time are you working as a real estate agent? Have you done some other jobs before?

Hi. Before becoming a real estate agent, I got different working experiences: first, I worked as shop assistant in the commercial area of an important national textile company, the Mastro Raphaёl S.r.l., then, as Product Manager for the Clementoni S.p.A..

I am a real estate agent since eight years now. I worked for one of the Italian real estate market leader companies, with headquarters in Umbria. I own a languages degree, so I have always tried to enjoy my linguistic skills the most I could. My last jobs did not give me the right satisfaction: I discovered that a whole day spent in an office was not for me! Instead, the real estate agent career allows me to alternate both desk job and outside activities: doing properties visits, meet new people – VIPs included -, revelated itself to be extremely interesting. Moreover, the Luxury Estate let you see some really amazing places and properties!

How did you know Great Estate?

As I said before, I worked for a Great Estatecompetitor agency and, during some collaborations, I had more than an occasion to meet the professionals of this group. Actually, I had already heard about you since the very first time I entered into the real estate world.

Why did you chose to join Great Estate?

Great Estate presents itself as really dynamic reality, with competent and young professionals. Moreover, it is an ever-growing agency. Some clients, when I was still working for the other agency, told me about your group as an important Real Estate referring point. Even if created after some others and important Italian real estate agencies, Great Estate, thanks to the experience and work of the people who are or have been part of it, was able to create a very strong Group!

You are currently collaborating at the office of Spoleto, right? Which do you think the strengths of this brand and of the Great Estate Partners are?

Exactly, I work in the office of Spoleto.

I believe that the strength of the Great Estate brandis, first of all, the reliability towards the clients. The passion, professionalism and accuracy of its professionals are surely another fundamental aspect of this success. However, there is still an element which I appreciated a lot: the “collaboration” and “cooperation” existing in the Great Estate and its Network are not just lived and felt by its protagonist as a sharing tool, they are, instead, a precious way to improve the professionalism of everyone, becoming so a real point of strength for all. The professionals team I met is young, bright, conscientious and serious. There are both a great synergy and collaboration among the colleagues. 

The Great Estate real estate Networkis ever-increasing: in a so few months since I am here, I saw the entrance of new partners, more and more interested in our Group and visibility. The partner agencies which join the Great Estate Group have the possibility to enjoy, since the very first moment, the exposure of the group at very low costs: an important advantage if considered the marketing investments behind a notoriety like this. Regarding The Best Price, I think it is an extraordinary project: it will make the work of every real estate agent more efficient. Besides that: The Best Price will allow the vendors and buyers to reach the transitions at a real objective price and, above all, appropriate to the market values. The new management software, thanks to its higher usability, will make the Group professionals work more performing, with a great rationalising of time and a higher service quality. 

In your opinion, which are the Great Estate activity aspects to be integrated and improved?

The only observation that, in this moment, I want to do is the following: Great Estate already owns a rich luxury properties portfolio. In addition to its maintenance, I actually hope to try to increase our offer level everyday more.

To conclude, how do you see the future of Great Estate? Which results do you expect from this working experience?

I see Great Estate as an everyday more competitive Real Estate Group. From this experience, I hope to obtain great results, to increase my professionalism and skills, trying to constantly adequate our services to the needs of national and international clients.

Thank you Filippo.

Discover an important and recent success of Filippo Cori in our Magazine: the “Palatium Magnum” sale near Perugia.

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