Which is the perfect fireplace for your home? Some suggestions to choose the right one

Which is the perfect fireplace for your home? Some suggestions to choose the right one

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Le Corbusier, by putting it into the building project of his home, has defined it as the heart of the house: we are talking about the fireplace, a very important and styled furnishing element of a property.

The first choice we have to do when planning the ideal fireplace for a traditional stone farmhouse concerns its covering material: stonemarble or ancient wood.

Stone fireplace

It spreads all the fire and the stone charm in your farmhouse out. The stone is a resistant, durable and easy to be worked material. This is why it is one of the most used fireplace covering one. The stones of the most rustic structures will have warmer, linear and rigorous shaped nuances to be matched with the natural wood. While, for the modern fireplaces, lighter toned stones and innovative materials could be chosen.

 Marble fireplace

Ideal to furnish the rooms of ancient villas, palaces or prestigious farmhouses. This fireplace owns specific features which make it perfect to embellish some elegant rooms. Indeed, it develops all its potentialities in those styles that present a characterizing element in the curvilinear movements (as the Baroque and the Louis XIV ones) or in those whose finesse marries the classic (as the Rococo and the Loui XV). Moreover, it had a great success in the traditional early-‘800-years styles too.

Ancient wood fireplace

Traditional of the rich people houses, this fireplace represented the finish-frame of the hearth or just an aesthetic element aimed to embellish some particular rooms.

After this short excursus of the “fireplace world”, we would like to propose you a few of the ones realized in some of the different and prestigious properties proposed by Great Estate:

A beautiful fireplace realized in the amazing “Villa Orione” in Spoleto, Umbria (read here the property tab).

An amazing fireplace in the living room of “Podere Del Poggio” (discover it here), proposed for sale by Great Estate near Orvieto, Umbria.

One of the fireplace of “Il Bosco Incantato, a charming property near San Casciano Dei Bagni, Tuscany.

The fireplace of the “Casale Contemporaneo” living room (see it here), proposed for sale by Great Estate in Narni, Umbria.


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