Tommaso Liscaio and the sale of “Villa La Luna”: a great personal satisfaction

Tommaso Liscaio and the sale of “Villa La Luna”: a great personal satisfaction

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Let’s interview the Great Estate consultant Tommaso Liscaio who, during the beautiful “Villa La Luna” sale in Orvieto, managed the vendors.

Welcome Tommaso. First of all, we want to congratulate us with you for this sale. A truly prestigious villa, isn’t it? What can you tell us about the property?

It is a villa of a great value because, in addition to the materials used and the perfect finishing, it was built by the Italian Architect Giorgio Pes (click here to discover the villa). Both the external and the internal spaces were though to obtain the greater comfort, panoramic view and natural light possible, guarantying so the possibility of live the property in every season.

How did you find “Villa La Luna”? Were it you who contacted the owner first or was it him/her to ask the Great Estate Group collaboration? Was the property already in the market with other agencies?

Our group was introduced to the vendor by a colleague of us who works in the area of Rome. From the very first moment, a beautiful relationship with the vendor had started. With the time passing, we have used all our marketing web knowledge to advertise the property in the better way possible. I believe that, as for many properties like this, a great friends’ and colleagues’ review is fundamental to establish a mutual trust and good relationship with the seller which, during the months, has constantly increased.

After the sign of the assignment for sale, did the property have immediately success with the potential buyers?

Despite of the important requested price, we were able to obtain a great visits number: as a proof of the great job done by the Great Estate Group.

Talking now about the negotiation process, can you tell us something about it?

Yes, there were different professionals who helped us during the negotiation: the architect Zazzaretta Alessandra, the surveyor Zazzaretta Felice, as well as the buyers’ lawyer and other specialists of the field. Thanks to their specific technical consultancies, we were able to assure the buyers and to satisfied their needs in a very short time.

The services for the sellers offered by Great Estate are many and well structured. Which one do you believe was essential for “Villa La Luna” sale?

Surely, the two essential elements of this process were the transparency and the accuracy of the due diligence, as well as the state of repair of the villa itself. We, as Great Estate, always tell to our clients about how important the first impression of a property in the potential buyers is. It is, indeed, the one which they will remember.

In conclusion .. Tommaso, give us one last comment please..

I can easily affirm that it was my greatest satisfaction. In addition to the different compliments received by the vendor, some days ago, a dear friend of him contacted me because she would like to sell her beautiful property through the collaboration with the Great Estate Group. This was precisely because of the great work done for the ex-owner of “Villa La Luna” and his compliments to us.

Thank you Tommaso and again, congratulations!

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