A little chat with Martina Bosetti, a Monti Real Estate – the GE Piedmont partner agency – consultant

A little chat with Martina Bosetti, a Monti Real Estate – the GE Piedmont partner agency – consultant

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We interviewed Martina Bosetti, a real estate agent of the Monti Real Estate, the GE Piedmont partner.

Hi Martina! How long have you been working as a real estate agent?

I joined the Monti Real Estate team as a real estate agent 10 years ago: at that time, I was an university student occasionally working in a CAF office and dealing with fiscal campaigns.

I would like to underline that the Monti Real Estate is an agency full of history: it has been created by Giancarlo Monti, Andrea Monti’s dad, in 1982. Mr. Giancarlo passed his passion to his son down: indeed, Andrea is still dealing with real estate sales and purchases, especially in the southern area of Piedmont.

Which are the main changings that the GE partnership brought to the agency? Which were the improvements?

Given that in our area there still were no realities dealing with such prestigious properties, I have to affirm that the project resulted, from the very first moment, very interesting.

During the time, the partnership with GE brought some very important positive changings both regarding the properties acquisition and the international clients – aimed to purchase a property in the south of Piedmont – inflow.

It is a real estate window with an extraordinary potential: indeed, it allows clients coming from every part of the world to find their right home by entrusting themselves to a professional team. The information requests for our properties have considerably increased and, with them, the vendors ones.

Presenting ourselves as a Great Estate partner, it surely give us a great added value: during the years and by always offering increasingly advertisement services, GE gained a remarkable importance among the Real Estate Agencies of our territory.

Differently from the other clients, do the ones coming from the network have some particular exigences? Do they expect a better qualitative service?

Sure! International clients who want to purchase a property in Italy often face our market without any knowledge of it. The service offered by our Group is the one of supporting the client during every step of the sale and purchase process of a property, including after the negotiation ending.

In your opinion, which are the strengths of GE?

Fundamental principles of the Monti Real Estate policy have always been, and always will be, the professionalism and accuracy with which, every day, we do our work: I think those are the bases of GE too. Thanks to them, we were able to create a solid agencies network, where every real estate agent, with his/her experience and skills, has the possibility to improve the Group presence on the national territory by promoting both the properties sale and purchase and the traditional Bel Paese lifestyle

Moreover, I believe that the many business solutions, The Best Price, the new IT system (click here to discover it), and all the advertisement ones addressed to both the clients and the partner agencies of GE are some cutting-edge tools able to support the professionals’ work and offer a high quality service to the clients.

To conclude, how do you see the future of this collaboration? Which are the results you expect?

I hope this partnership can strengthen itself every day more. In order to offer to the different clients contacting the Group higher possibilities to find their dream home in a splendid territory as ours, our objective is to increase the Piedmont properties number on the network.

Thank you Martina

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