Would you like to obtain a really charming photo shooting for your property? Entrust yourself to Great Estate

Would you like to obtain a really charming photo shooting for your property? Entrust yourself to Great Estate

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The images quality and the particular attention to the graphic design are a “conditio sine qua non” to present and sale your property in the best way possible.

The photo quality and the attention for every single detail of the property presentation are the fundamental and more significative elements to catch the attention of the potential buyers, in particular of the international ones, who do not have the possibility to see a property closely and/or immediately. For this reason, you will understand the decisive importance of a great photo shooting for the sale of a property.

It is true that people are currently talking a lot about photoshop and “small corrections” used to improve the fashion models and VIPs photos. However, they are used in others fields too. For example, in the real estate sector, they are used in order to make a property for sale more attractive and desirable.

The Great Estate Immobilare Group does not need to resort to those “catches”.

A detail of “Il Perugino”, farmhouse for sale in Perugia (find here the property tab)

Dealing with particularly prestigious properties only, our group perfectly know how important the quality of an image is. For this reason, it has always gave a particular attention to the photos to be used to present a property in the market. Today, in our agency, there are some professional photographers who deal right with the photos and the graphic design: this is to offer the opportunity of a professional photo service to our vendors. Our service is aimed to improve the value of a property and not to change its reality. In order to sale faster, it is needed to change the photos that the clients give to us with the ones done by a professional photographer, naturally without any catch or trick!

However, Great Estate offers both spectacular photo shootings and, thanks to some 360° images or to the use of the DJI Phantom 4 drone, Videos for the property it proposes for sale. You can discover all the different services offered by our group to the vendors by clicking here.

This is what our next article is about. The interview to Ludovico Pinzi, our “SAPR authorized driver”.

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