Great Estate always choosing cutting-edge technology: the new DJI PHANTOM 4 drone

Great Estate always choosing cutting-edge technology: the new DJI PHANTOM 4 drone

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The new DJI PANTHOM 4 is the last purchase Great Estate made in order to be able to keep up with the times and to give the best visibility to the luxury properties for sale. Let’s interview our neo-pilot Ludovico Pinzi.

Hello Ludovico, tell us about the drone: what is it?

“A drone is a multirotor without a human pilot aboard. It was originally created for a military purpose only, then it was extended to commercial applications too, in particular to make video shootings.

Recently, it has been introduced into the real estate business for advertising purpose. It allows to make extraordinary videos of the properties and, consequently, offers our customers a different point of view compared to the standards, including the landscape.”

When did Great Estate buy the drone? And what were the expectations?

“Great Estate bought a DJ PHANTOM 4 in June 2016. The idea was to improve technological resources of the marketing area, in order to make this innovative tool available to our professionals and give to the properties more visibility. “

What result is it possible to achieve?

“Taking a quick look at the edited videos, I believe that the results are evident. A drone gives a different point of view compared to a traditional photo shoot: the possibility to show everything that often can’t be looked at through photos or aerial shooting.”

What is the difference compared to a good photo shoot?

“With a video it is possible to have an amazing overview of the environment surrounding the property. The low-altitude footage also allows to get a complete perception of the property in its whole.
This is an important aspect, especially when we refer to prestigious properties: in fact, near to the main structure you can usually find parks, pools, guest houses and so on. “

How did sellers react to this innovation? 

“I think the sellers have a direct benefit: making the property visible in a very exclusive way means having a higher opportunity to reach the sales goal.  A confirmation of that, during time sellers were always more enthusiastic about this innovation, made available by Great Estate to all the customers buying our marketing plan. We realized more than 100 video so far!”

And for the buyers, what do you think the advantages are?

“I am sure that the low-altitude point of view with the drone, combined to a high professional photo shoot, allow the customer to have a clear vision of the property even before a potential visit.”

How did you learn to use it? Did you have to go to a particular school?

“From May to August 2016, I attended a course approved by Enac at the Ancona Aeroclub school. The first part of the course was theoretical, dedicated to the explanation of the main flight rules and the drone usage laws.

The practical one, instead, was divided in two principal sections: the first was realized with the computer, simulating flight missions and the principal actions we had to do with drones; the second one was directly in the field where I started to get acquainted with the drone. At the end of the course, I passed the “skills test” (the practical exam) and I became an Enac certificated operator.”

From a professional point of view, are you satisfied of the chance Great Estate gave to you to acquire this new competence?

“Yes, sure. It was an interesting experience that allowed me to acquire new skills. It’s amazing to work in a so stimulating atmosphere as the one of Great Estate, where we can confront each other and look to the situation in many ways. It is even more motivating to work with our professionals, always able to offer the best services to our customers, and from which everyone should take as examples.”

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