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Federico Peparaio, a young architect with an exemplary curriculum, as well as a Great Estate partner, tells us about an important project realized in collaboration with the group.

Well met Federico, tell us something about yourself:

In 2009 I got an architecture design degree. I took part in two important international competitions: the 1st Design Award – “Light up your idea” – Riva 1920 (a design competition for the realization and the following production of a dining room table) with the “Level Architetti” Team, and the Childhood Pavilion International Design Competition, organized by the municipality of Milan.
After that, I worked on other different projects, specializing myself in renovations and extensions both of private and public buildings. During the following years, I developed many and various partnerships with professional architects and engineers of the area. Moreover, I also taught at the “Bernardino di Betto” art high school in Perugia. Since 2010 I have been working as freelance architect.

Congratulations for your curriculum Federico. Can you explain us what kind of services do you offer and which is the main customers target you usually work with?

I mainly deal with internal and external renovations, both for ancient and new properties. I handle all the details of the rooms and furniture design, from the lights, to the wallpapers, as well as the installation of systems such as for example air-conditioning and satellite antennas. Moreover, I never neglect the administrative part of the work, i.e. requesting and obtaining the necessary authorizations by the local authorities.
I generally work in Tuscany and Umbria with a very huge target: upper-middle and upper category works, the latter demanded mostly by foreign customers.

How did you get to know Great Estate?

I know Stefano Petri, the CEO, since I got my degree. Almost three years ago we started this collaboration thanks to which I run, among others, a very challenging project: the renovation of an apartment in the historical center of Orvieto.

Can you give us some details about this important project?

As I have already said, it was a work in a three-level apartment in the historical center of Orvieto: logistically speaking, it has a very big constructional and technical complexity. Let’s just think about the fact that we passed about 2 kilometers of cables (wiring, LAN, heating, alarm and air-conditioning systems) within the apartment. Three were the units object of the important finishing and systems works, one of which featured with a very particular and characteristic turret; These three units were connected one another by a particular and unusual optional that required a great effort: a wooden-covered goods lift perfectly in harmony with the other rooms. Furthermore, during the demolition of a part of the attic, we ”discovered” an ancient wood structure that had been hidden for almost 100 years. In this way, we could create a play of styles on the contrast between the ancient ceiling with old beams that we renovated, and the modern refurbished rooms, highlighting the importance of the ceiling itself. The final result was the balance between the several parts.

We started a new team with Asm Costruzioni, another Great Estate Partner. We worked in an excellent way, respecting the deadlines and completely satisfying the customers’ desires.
I am sure that the team spirit is precisely the added value of Great Estate that, lining up all the best and most serious professionals into the field, makes the customer feel cuddled and assisted in every step of the real estate negotiation, from the sale to all the after-sale accessory services.

And how was your relation with the owners, Messrs. Green?

L’Architetto Peparaio insieme ai Sig.ri Green

We got along very well and shared every detail about the renovation. The owners had very clear ideas about picking up neutral tones, but they also accepted my suggestions, choosing as final solution land shaded colors, from off-white to soft pastel drove-grey.

Being them Australian, we constantly kept the contacts via Skype and we defined the principal lines face to face, during their only three visits to Italy.

We are very grateful for the time you gave us and we can’t wait to discover your next working projects!

If you want to learn more about the architect Peparaio and his projects visit www.arch-è.com

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