Ville&Casali: an interview with Stefano Petri. Focus on Cetona

Ville&Casali: an interview with Stefano Petri. Focus on Cetona

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The well known Ville&Casali magazine talks about the Tuscan town of Cetona in the January 2014 edition, dedicating several pages to this town.

In the real estate sector, you cannot miss the presence of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group and their head office, only a few miles away in nearby San Casciano dei Bagni. Interviewed on this occasion is Stefano Petri, CEO, who recalls the importance of the luxury real estate market in a town such as Cetona, an area always loved and sought after by an international clientele. Rural farmhouses and apartments in the historic centre are especially sought after, where there is a policy of preserving and conserving. This allows for restoration without compromising the architectural heritage or the property’s ambience. Of course, having good builders and skilled craftsmen in the area is also important through which the renovation process can be carried out professionally. What comes out of this article is an image of Cetona where art and culture meet the authenticity and hospitality of the people who live there, creating an ideal place to live or spend holidays.

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