Another great achievement by the Great Estate Group. The Great Estate Group’s solution to selling an Umbrian farmhouse

Another great achievement by the Great Estate Group. The Great Estate Group’s solution to selling an Umbrian farmhouse

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The Great Estate Group sells a beautiful farmhouse in Castiglione del Lago
Interview with Tommaso Liscaio
Once again the Great Estate Group marks another great achievement with the sale of a beautiful farmhouse in the municipality of Castiglione del Lago. Today we interview Tommaso Liscaio, a new property consultant with the Great Estate Group who was involved in the sale.

Could you tell us how long you had these clients and by what advertising network they came?

The active management was about 2 months with these particular clients. The clients had a firm and serious interest in buying an agricultural business situated between Umbria and Tuscany. From the very beginning we were able to provide them with a wide range of properties and, after a few days of viewings, we found ourselves in the vicinity of Lake Trasimeno. Here we realized, was the perfect area for their specific requirements and, with a more refined search, we were able to find the right property. Thus an offer was made and accepted thanks to everyone’s hard work. Being local to this area, the clients already knew the Great Estate Group and so went directly to the office on a hot August morning.

The Great Estate Group does a lot of work both in the national and international market, what do you think are the reasons for this high visibility and performance?

The synergy provided by all the staff at the Great Estate Group makes it possible to achieve excellent team work. This together with the professionalism and knowledge of languages allows the Group to operate with great ease in any real estate area.

You sold the farmhouse to Italian clients. Most of us think that Italians have stopped buying property, could this sale be considered an isolated event or are Italians perhaps returning to buy?

Italians are currently looking for good solid investments. Perhaps there is still some fear about the economic recovery that is in the background but there is certainly a willingness among Italian investors to buy.

Why do you think they chose to buy this farmhouse on the shores of Lake Trasimeno?

Our clients’ choice was fully reflected in their needs that I mentioned earlier. The specific research carried out was very important and I think this was the key to success.

What was it like working with Giacomo Buonavita?

Working with Giacomo was very reassuring. His constant supervision allowed me to work with confidence and peace of mind making me an active participant in all phases of the negotiation. Thanks to him I definitely gained a lot of experience which is useful for my training.

What do you say to those who cannot sell a farmhouse in the Lake Trasimeno area?

Firstly, find out the reason why. The property market at the moment is very sensitive to change and you have to be good at interpreting and evaluating the right valuations for each property

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