Changing the taxes on property sale  with the new stability law 2014

Changing the taxes on property sale with the new stability law 2014

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As a result of the new Stability Law, introduced on 1st January 2014, there have been various changes relating to property sales tax. In particular, the most substantial changes concerns transfers between private individuals, builders/Companies and / or related burdens for which registration taxes go from 3% to 2%, if it is for the main property with the application of a fixed tax on mortgages and cadastral land registry, €50 for each tax, while for non-concessional transfers, registration tax increases from 7% to 9%. There is a problem however as it is expected that the registration tax, whether it is for the “first home” or not, will not be lower than € 1,000.00 which penalizes lower valued properties. They have also increased taxes that were a fixed charge of €168.00 by rounding it up (so to speak …) to € 200.00.

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