Vista Su Spello: where the search for ancient detail blends with contemporary style

Vista Su Spello: where the search for ancient detail blends with contemporary style

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Between Assisi and Spello, a property of great charm born from a conservative restoration that has combined a taste for tradition with a captivating touch of modernity.

“Vista Su Spello” is a unique property in the panorama of classic Umbrian farmhouses, of which it maintains charm and a country chic layout.

Dating back to the year 1800, the property consists of a manor house and an annex, embellished by a splendid 4,000 sqm garden with swimming pool and pleasant areas for relaxation, and is located between Spello and Assisi, in a particularly open and flat area.


The exterior of the manor house is distinguished by the use of a beautiful vibrant brick red color, made even brighter and more characteristic by the climbing vegetation which, enhancing the chromatic contrast, also becomes a strong element of identity.

In fact, climbing jasmine, American vines and other green shrubs play both an aesthetic and practical function, creating pleasant shaded areas perfect for enjoying outdoor spaces even on the sunniest summer days, with their delicate scents crowning the atmosphere.

The outdoor courtyard is comfortable and functional, a terracotta paved space that houses a perfectly enjoyable outdoor living area, also thanks to its proximity to the dining area, located under the porch.

The interiors of “Vista Su Spello” strike for a masterful combination of ancient and contemporary elements, the choice of precious materials conducted with excellent thoughtfulness and attention to detail, and the light, candid and welcoming, able to enhance and exploit in every corner of the house.  

A palette that focuses entirely on neutral colors, is the simple and ingenious touch that has helped to enhance the size and lighting of the rooms.
Design materials and furnishings are perfectly integrated in a context that has managed to keep intact the rural charm of its origins.

Just as the rooms of the living space appear large and bright, the sleeping area is also characterized by high ceilings, and offers the same materials and colors as the ground floor.
The en-suite bathroom of the master bedroom is simply splendid, with its large masonry and mosaic bathtub.


Next to the manor house we find a comfortable dependance, which recalls the same stylistic imprint of the main building, introducing cool tones and an even more modern management of the space.

The interiors are dominated by a color palette based on the gray scale, which play a pleasant contrast with the natural tones of the rustic furnishings.

The built-in kitchen is the triumph of country chic, enhanced by the use of cement tiles with different decor, mixed together to create harmony.


Simple and clean lines, even those that characterize the large swimming pool in the center of the garden, where the deep blue of the pool shines on the lush green of the lawn, making your relaxation experience truly unique.


Both the manor house and the dependance represent the result of a perfect fusion between the search for ancient detail and contemporary style and comfort.


“Vista Su Spello” is located in an open and strategic position, between the historic cities of Spello and Assisi. This means ease of connections, proximity to services as well as to beautiful Umbrian towns and cities that offer year-round experiences to live and savor.

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“Vista Su Spello”

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