2016 ISI INAIL announcement: company investment and asbestos abatement projects

2016 ISI INAIL announcement: company investment and asbestos abatement projects

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Good news for the companies which are going to realize some investment andasbestos abatement projects.

The 2016 ISI INAIL announcement, indeed, establishes a 6% non-repayable contribution up to 130.000€ for the creation of projects and investments aimed to improve the health and safety of the workers. On one hand, this announcement gives many confirmations regarding the maximum and facilitated amounts, as well as the methodology. However, there are also some very interesting news:

  • Confirmations: the announcement proposes the maximum amount – 130.000€ – of the 65% contribution;
  • News: the 2016 ISI INAIL announcement includes, among the many projects, the ones proposed by restaurants, bars, bakeries, food commerce businesses too. To be more precise, projects concerning the cutting-, fall-, burn-, sound-risk reduction investments. Moreover, part of the total resources will be designed to the asbestos abatement.

So, to conclude, in addition to the above mentioned companies, every business, except the farm ones, can apply for:

  • Workers’ health and safety improvement investments (purchasing/substitution of the equipment and/or of the general-, anchorage-, installation/modifying energy-, aspiration- systems);
  • Organizational and social responsibility patterns projects;
  • Asbestos abatement projects.

Projects will be evaluated via internet from April, 19thto June, 5th2017.

Bando ISI Inail 2016: buone notizie per le imprese con progetti di investimento e di bonifica amianto.

Finally, to be considered as contributions, costs have to be:

  • Referred, on the date of June, 5th2017, to non-realized and non-on-going projects;
  • Essential for the project realization, the possible additional or instrumental costs needed for the realization of the same and fundamental for its completeness.
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