Selling a farmhouse in Maremma? The interview to Mr. Antonio Anile

Selling a farmhouse in Maremma? The interview to Mr. Antonio Anile

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Mr. Antonio Anile, the CEO of the San Vincenzo – Livorno G.E.P., has recently closed the sale of a farmhouse in the province of Grosseto.

Welcome Antonio. The stage is now yours: tell us something about this sale!

I discovered the property, a traditional Tuscan farmhouse near Montieri, through the vendors, who had directly contacted Great Estate. They were looking for a group able to provide them an international property advertisement. Indeed, they had already contacted some local agencies, but without any success.

After our first meeting, I explained and presented them the GE Method. I tried to make them understand the importance of some details: first of all, an impartial property estimate. I told them how difficult is to establish a precise value of a country estate because of the different features of every situation. For this reason, a farmhouse cannot be completely paragoned to others. 

Another aspect which I had deeply analysed with the clients is the importance of the property market placement, i.e. its presentation and advertisement. So, I proposed the related GE services to them.

After the property acquisition, we immediately received some visits. However, we were not able to identify the right buyer. So, we verified, together with the vendors, the property statistics and views. We finally decided to reduce the property price. This brought to a visits amount increasing.

In your opinion, which among the different services for the seller offered by Great Estate were the most useful for this negotiation ones?

Surely, our IT internal system which, in this case, allowed us to close a negotiation between clients managed by different GE specialists and working into two different offices. I dealt with the vendors, while Ilaria Peparaio, the colleague of the Fabro (Umbria) office, managed the buyer. Thanks to our system, the buyer automatically received the farmhouse brochure. Then, he phoned to Ilaria and we arranged a property visit. You know the rest.

So Antonio, to conclude, why should a client entrust him/herself to Great Estate Immobiliare for the sale of his/her prestigious property?

Because our agency does not simply wait the ideal buyer. I would like to underline how, in this last sale, we, thanks to our IT tool, proposed the property to the buyer directly.

One of the most frequent questions which the vendors address to me during our first meeting is: “.. do you already have some clients ready to purchase immediately?”

The answer? “Great Estate currently has 15.000 requests in storage. They come from international buyers who are looking for their dream home in Italy.”

If you want to sale your luxury property too, visit our website or contact our head office.

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