Your second home in Piedmont? Il Corriere Della Sera interviews Andrea Monti

Your second home in Piedmont? Il Corriere Della Sera interviews Andrea Monti

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Il Corriere Della Sera interviewed our partner Andrea Monti – Gruppo Immobiliare Monti – on the growth of the second home market in the area of Southern Piedmont. In this article, published in December 2019, different trends have emerged: let’s analyze them.

In Italy, there are many places worthy of your second home investments, far from your daily routine and stress.

However, during the last year, the Southern Piedmont area stands at the top of this list. Indeed, according to the last survey of the second homes sector made by F.I.A.I.P. (Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionisti), Southern Piedmont is rising fast if compared to other locations of our Bel Paese.

In order to explain this trend, Il Corriere Della Sera interviewed Andrea Monti, the person in charge of the F.I.A.I.P.-Piedmont Foreign Sector and Managing Director of Gruppo Immobiliare Monti, a partner of the Great Estate Network.

In the article, Andrea comments on the data of the last F.I.A.I.P. report addressed to the second home. Indeed, if compared to 2018 with a 3-5% increase in real estate transactions, it highlights an important growth of the market in the area of Southern Piedmont.

The map of the researches is focused on the Langhe and Montferrat areas, where there still are the most expensive properties – in particular on the areas of Barolo and Barbaresco. The provinces of Asti and Alessandria are the most requested ones.

Interviewed by Andrea Rinaldi, Andrea Monti claims that:

With respect to 2018, the interest of the Italian clientele – Milan, Lombardy, and Turin people – towards the Montferrat-Langhe area has surely increased.

The number of international clients is important too: German, Dutch, Swiss, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French and US citizens.

By keep reading the article, Andrea focuses on the ID of the “typical client” and underlines some specific aspects:

To a good purchasing power, particular attention towards the Italian Lifestyle and culture is combined too. The client who desires a second home in these areas of Piedmont is looking for isolated and relaxing places able to guarantee him/her privacy, but not too distant from towns, the sea, and the main airports.

Talking about the possibilities of expense, Andrea claims also the difference between Italians and internationals:

If an Italian is willing to invest between € 200-300.000, the international client has the possibility of investing € 600-700.000.

According to Andrea Monti, even if the purchasing of a second home in Piedmont is still strictly connected to holidays, it could also represent the occasion of a life-change, addressing yourself to businesses like touristic accommodation, SPA, and locations for holistic disciplines.

This trend is followed especially by international clients. Indeed, it often converts itself into requests coming from large international investment companies directly. In this way, they prove their interest in the purchasing of wine businesses or farmhouses with land and vineyards.

Are you interested in the purchasing of a beautiful property in Piedmont? Great Estate wants to propose you now two amazing properties.

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The second proposal of Great Estate is definitively sensational: “Villa Romana”, an incredible Liberty-style villa. Partially renovated, it is located in the Northern-Montferrat hills, a UNESCO area, and a remarkable world-wine-temple. Dating back to early ‘900, this amazing property is characterized by prestigious elements as some frescos, an elegant marble staircase, and beautiful original floors. Moreover, this villa boasts of an unbelievable view, just 12 kilometers from Aqui Terme. Click here to discover more about it.

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