Roberto Biggera: the most important aspects about the sale of “Il Re Della Valle”

Roberto Biggera: the most important aspects about the sale of “Il Re Della Valle”

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Our interview with the GE consultant Roberto Biggera who, during the sale of “Il Re Della Valle”, managed the buyers: the trust of the clients on our Group and the importance of having a property due diligence immediately.

Welcome Roberto, would you like to tell us something about the buyers of “Il Re Della Valle”?

The clients contacted us in July 2015 through one of our main international advertising channels: Gate-Away. They come from the Netherlands, but both live abroad: Luxemburg and Singapore. Hans is a bank official, Lies is a managing director.

What kind of property were they looking for? Where?

Essentially, they were looking for a farmhouse with 5/6 bedrooms and a great potential to be entered into the touristic rental market. Moreover, in their opinion, an amazing view, a stunning garden and a charming panorama were important too. At the beginning of their research, they were particularly focused on the Tuscany region. Last year, they have also started looking in Umbria – in the area of Todi.

Why have they finally decided to purchase “Il Re Della Valle”? What did they like the most?

Three characteristics among the others: the panorama, the farmhouse garden, and its extraordinary location. Outside, the property represented what they were looking for. Inside, instead, the style used was not their ideal one. For this reason and in order to modernize it, they have already planned some renovation works.

How will they use their new home?

It will be their holiday-home where to spend some short relaxing moments while in Umbria. The property will remain into the international touristic rental market.

What can you tell us about the negotiation?

It has been very rapid and satisfying. Hans Peter and Lies, after having visited the property in June, decided to finally purchase “Il Re Della Valle”.

They entrusted themselves to us for the whole negotiation: they immediately considered our Group very professional and efficient.

Personally, I think that the “key” of this negotiation was, as always in these cases, a meticulous check on the whole urbanistic-cadastral documentation – as well as on the mortgage one – before the signing of the purchase offer: this allowed us to have a complete frame of the property since the very first moment.

In this respect, I have to thank the vendors and their specialist who gave us a detailed technical report of the property. It allowed us to identify eventual problems to take under consideration and made us able to immediately communicate them to the buyers, so to find every possible solution.

I have to admit that we met some very precise and aware vendors: they fixed all the urbanistic-cadastral situations before entering their property in the market. This, when a serious client appeared, allowed us to achieve a fast and “easy” sale.

This aspect is something that many sellers use to underestimate. In reality, this is precisely the solution to positively close a negotiation on a country estate. Indeed, in these cases, buyers – especially if internationals – once identified the property they like, need to receive more and detailed information in order to start acting in a complete trust.

So, to conclude, I would like to underline, once again, as the creation of a property due diligence by a specialist is fundamental for the sale of a prestigious property in the countryside (villa, farmhouse or farm business). For this reason, I invite every owner to do and issue us this document right at the beginning of the whole sale process.

Roberto Biggera

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