Messages from our clients

Messages from our clients

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Following the communication sent to buyers and sellers about the Corona Virus emergency, we have received numerous replies from our beloved clients and we are proud to propose some of them below.

In this particular historical moment, these messages give us even more strength and push us to do our work better and better to make our clients’ dreams come true. Messages of optimism and hope, but also of great admiration for our beautiful country and for the people who are part of it. Germans, Russians, Americans, British, French, Dutch, Israelis, Australians … consider us a strong people … let’s give them proof!

Here is a selection of the best messages received and we thank every client who sent them to us and that for privacy reasons we have not mentioned the surname.

Dear Great Estate Team, 

you are doing a marvelous job and I wish to all of you lot of power, hope and enthusiasm for coming days. Everything will be good again. 


Ľubomír – international client

Thank you!

That was a lovely letter. We look forward to seeing you, Italy and our future home when we can!


Scott – international client

Thank you for your uplifting thoughts. We are all thinking of you at this time and find it hard to believe how hard this virus has hit you and the suffering it has caused. 
We do look forward to visiting Italy as soon as this is over. In the meantime, I really enjoy keeping up with the market and thinking over the options. 
Tanti Auguri from “down under”

John – international client

Thank you for your message. Please keep safe.

Lynne – international client

I pray for the people of Italy and all countries.  I am hopeful this year of virus horror will start to slow down and end and we get back to some sense of normality.  
Please stay safe and healthy.  

Sarah – international client

I really thank you very much. Shall this message be a wish of hope.


Patrizia – Italian client

My thoughts are truly with you and your country during these heart breaking times.
Stay safe, keep strong, and I will visit your wonderful country and strong people again!

Jane – international client

Thank you. We are thinking of you, we love Italy and we love the Italian people. Take care, stay healthy. Warm regards

Simon & Jane – international client

We also hope that everything will calm down and fall into place¡
Austria 🇦🇹

Vera – international client

Thank you for your kind words of support. It is your appeal that helped not to lose hope and desire to change your life. And live exactly where your heart calls, and my heart is always in sunny Italy! Thanks!

Natalia – international client

Good morning,

really beautiful words, my dream is still alive. We are old, but the desire to live for a moment in our beloved homeland is always alive every day. I thank you for the letter and for the nice words. I greet you hoping that the future will send you health, happiness and good business in the future.
with regard

Marianna – Italian client

My family, I and all our friends and acquaintances are doing well. I thank for the attention and I trust in God and in Providence that this incredible and unexpected period that struck us suddenly, passes and we will get back again all that normality that perhaps we have not appreciated enough.

A hug of hope to all of you and your families


Antonietta – Italian client

Thanks to Stefano Petri and congratulations to the whole team.

Let’s try to be well, then without a doubt, the market will recover. Let’s wait for better days

We are grateful for having the most important good: health and the will to live.

Best wishes

Renato e Maria Teresa – Italian client

Come on guys! After the dark, the light will come even birghter

Eugenio – Italian client

I have not been able to read your article, but I am willing to express my opinion. I own a farmhouse in Tuscany. I’m not pessimistic, I keep saying that I have a diamond. I would have worried if I found money in hand.

Courage, everything will pass! We must strive to become better, that is, because man has lost so many values.

Best regards,

Paola – Italian client

Thank you for your message.We are with you in our thoughts. Hope to be back in Italy soon!
Stay safe,

KL – International client

beautiful message of hope and serenity.
thanks guys !! Hello to you who are working hard to make our dreams come true ..

Luca – Italian client

Good evening Iuliia!

I hope you and all your relatives are well. Italy and its citizens must get out of this terrible test. We are worried about you. We hope that by the summer we can return to normal life and Italy as always will be a wonderful and hospitable country! Take care of yourself!

Alexander – International client

Really thank you for the email you sent. I hope all is well with you. Here in Israel as in other parts of the world everything is closed, we stay at home. We hope to return to normality as soon as possible and to meet you in Umbria as we have planned.

A hug


Dear Roberto,

certainly your ability to mediate has contributed to making our dream still stand. These days are teaching us that the priorities are quite different, but the idea of having that green perspective still raises the spirit. Thanks for everything, really.

A hug, keep safe

Maria Rosa – Italian client


just checking on you and your family and loved ones. We are now on full lockdown. Thinking of you and all of Italy and the wonderful Italian people.

Stay safe.

Stay strong.

Best regards,

Maria & Gerry – International clients

Dear Roberto,  

I hope you and your family will be safe, times are very challenge to all of us.

Let us pray to God and to good common sense of us humans to stay at home till it goes away, soon??? 

Thank you again 

Best regards 

Emad – International client

A tribute in the stadium near our house. you can see it all over Israel. Italian flags are projected everywhere…telling the Italian people that we stand together.

Dorit – International client

Hi dear Roberto,

how are you and how is your family?

We are all good. In Israel, the situation is good until now. There are some cases but very few. We intended to come to Italy but we don’t know yet because of the situation.

Take care.

Eran & Emi – International clients

Hi Hariet,

Thanks for checking in and I’m glad to hear you are safe. We also have restrictions here in Germany but not quite as many as you have. Things are going as well as they can given the situation. I wish your friends and family good health and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Italy. 

Stay safe,

Wendy – International client

Dear Stefano,
I was amazed to read the interview given to “Ville & Casali”, because I, who am not from the sector, made the same consideration and analysis.
After this nightmare that I hope will end soon, there will be a change in the habits for many people, who will understand that the values and joys of life are quite different, with a return to “origins”.
I find the analysis you have done very pertinent and you will see that you will have an increase in Italian customers, who will be looking for country houses to spend their lives with their children on an occasional or permanent basis.
I wish you the success you deserve …..
See you soon

Umberto – Italian Client

Dear friends of the Great Estate,

we thank you for your message full of hope, but above all for the fact that with that message you make yourself feel close to us.

Of course, this is a terrible moment for vendors, but above all the silence and isolation that this virus inevitably brings with it is terrible. It almost seems that he has canceled the near future.

That’s why hearing a friendly voice helps overcome this isolation and rekindles a little hope.

We thank you for being united among us and for showing it to us, and this makes us feel close to you.

We are ready to start again when it will be possible, and with all the effort, the collaboration with you for the sale of our property.

Best wishes,

Franca & Attilio – Italian Clients

Each of these messages has made us proud and made us understand once again how much our country is a special place and how much we must strive to try to make the most of it also through our beloved work.

We believe that this situation will make us even stronger and will make us reflect more on the true values of our lives and on the important things for living a healthy and safe life and nothing more than a house in a slightly populated environment offers this type of life.

For all this, we are sure that all together we will make it and that we can hope for a better world and way of life.

With this we say goodbye and, as always, the whole Great Estate team is at your disposal!


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