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You have found your dream home but you think it is too dark? Let’s discover all the tips to make it brighter.

Our home often reflects ourselves, our inclinations and our way of being.
However, when it comes to houses, there is a kind of “conditio sine qua non” that is generally valid for everyone: brightness. Indeed, a room full of light immediately looks bigger, cozier and more comfortable.
What to do when a house, being it a farmhouse, an ancient villa or an apartment (especially if it is in a historical center), because of its “original” characteristics doesn’t allow you to have the brightness desired in the rooms?

Let’s discover some tricks aimed to make your dream house brighter!

  • The floor choice:
    Choose light and bright pavements: wood floors are perfect (as maple, birch and pine), as well as ceramic solutions. You can’t substitute your floor? Then choose large soft shade design carpets, which will give a touch of freshness and lightness to the room.
  • Be careful about the walls:
    Let’s try to avoid brick or plasterboard partition walls, preferring instead glass and plexiglass ones. If this isn’t possible, we could paint the rooms walls with soft and bright dyes. This solution can be applied to the ceilings too, e.g. ancient renovated farmhouses that often present wood beamed ceilings and terracotta floors. In these cases, in order to give more light to the rooms, “brightening” the ceilings elements, using, for example, pickled beams, could be a fundamental trick.
  • Choose the right furniture
    We can make our house brighter by choosing the right objects and furniture. Mirrors are perfect: they give a sense of depth to the rooms and reflect the light, especially if they are near windows. Shiny surfaces will do the trick too: they contribute to light up the inners. Moreover, choose medium height light colored wood or white painted furniture, in order to allow both light and air to freely enter inside the house. Greenlight to the “open” bookshelves used as partition walls too. Furthermore, an essential accessory: bright and neutral colored curtains!


Talking about bright houses, Great Estate wants to focus your attention on an interesting property in Tuscany, near Cetona: undoubtedly a prestigious property in which the inner brightness surely represents the point of strength! Let’s see it:

White Apartment: a lovely apartment in the medieval historical center of Cetona. Thanks to the whiten durmast parquets, the false ceilings equipped with recessed spotlights and the furniture chosen for the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom, the 2014 perfectly-done renovation made its rooms particularly glossy.

If you want to learn more about this apartment and all the other interesting Great Estate properties, consult our website or contact our headquarter. Surely, our consultants will find your dream property. Don’t wait any longer!

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