“Casale San Giorgio” sale: the interview to our real estate consultant Carla Caselli

“Casale San Giorgio” sale: the interview to our real estate consultant Carla Caselli

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Carla Caselli, a GE Italian Property Consultant and the person in charge for the GE office in Spoleto, tells us about her last sale.

In one of our last articles, Stefano Petri, the CEO of the Group, told us about a negotiation closed on December, 31st2017 (click here to read the article): “Casale San Giorgio” in Todi.

Today, we are going to meet Carla Caselli, the real estate consultant who, during the negotiation, dealt with the sellers.

  • Hi Carla. Congratulations for your last success! The stage is now yours: would you like to tell us something about this experience?

Of course. I acquired “Casale San Giorgio” because of a personal connections who advised me about this property, already for sale with another agency. A beautiful and renovated farmhouse with luxury finishing and a great location at just a kilometre from Todi.

  • How did you introduce Great Estate to the vendors?

First of all, I explained to the seller our history and development. Moreover, I showed her our website which is, for us, a great business card!

  • Did “Casale San Giorgio” have immediately success on the market?

No, not really. Indeed, initially, the owner had chosen to put her farmhouse on market at a too high selling price: more than a million euros. Some months later, after many meetings between us, the owner decided to decrease it. Given that, in a short time after this price reduction, we had sold the farmhouse for 930.000€, it was a very good decision.

  • Do you remember the buyers’ feelings during the first visit to the farmhouse? In your opinion, what did they like the most?

The buyers, managed by Suzanne Van Ravenstein (read her interview here), fell in love with “Casale San Giorgio” immediately. It was the first of some properties they decided to visit, but the only one which really amazed them: its anti-seismic structure, the high quality finishing of the farmhouse, the well maintained furnishings. Even if, at the end of the first visit, they were not ready to purchase it yet, I think that it was love at first sight. I received confirmation of that when, the day of the second visit, we travelled the road connecting the property to the town. There they understood the vicinity to Todi, which is in a walk distance from the property.

  • There were any urbanistic problem to solve?

I remember that, during the negotiation, some technical discrepancies had emerged. However, thanks to the creation of a due diligence by a vendor’s specialist, they were immediately solved.

  • As we already know, Great Estate proposes some very interesting and well-structured services for the sellers. In your opinion, which was the fundamental one for this sale (click here to read the property tab)?

One of the strength of the group is represented by our internal IT system. It allows to every professional of GE to manage a negotiation. I dealt with the vendor’s managing, so I entered “Casale San Giorgio” in our system. Suzanne Van Ravenstein, one of the GE International Property Consultant, after having received the purchase request, entered the clients and their research data into our system too. Our platform sent them the “Casale San Giorgio” brochure automatically: pretty soon, the clients contacted Suzanne to plan their first visit to the property.

  • So, to conclude, why should a client entrust him/herself to Great Estate?

Because our Group offers some high quality tools and services, as well as a professional and experienced team able to manage every possible situation or problem emerging during a real estate negotiation.

Thank you Carla, see you at your next sale!

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