Valter Luciani and the sale in Orvieto: “passion and commitment bring to great satisfactions”

Valter Luciani and the sale in Orvieto: “passion and commitment bring to great satisfactions”

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Valter Luciani tells us about his last sale in Orvieto: the passion and commitment towards his work and his great satisfaction of having helped a client to fall in love with his homeland again.

October 2015; a client coming from Italy and a resident abroad contacted Great Estate to purchase a property near Orvieto. During his on-line researches, he visited our website and, amazed by the quality of both photos and descriptions, advised us about some properties he liked and wanted to visit.

I remember that the client was looking for a quite large farmhouse with many hectares of land around it, able so to guarantee him a total privacy, which was a fundamental element. Moreover, having him a personal farming project for the future, an olive grove has to be present too. The house has to be between Umbria and Tuscany, possibly near Orvieto and with an amazing view on the town, but absolutely not too isolated.

Initially, the client’s project was under development, so the research of his “perfect” property was very long. But slowly, with the right calm and tranquillity, we were able to achieve the objective and find the ideal solution! My consultation respected the timing, the client’s project maturation and, above all, the client himself: I have never forced the research and, thanks to my personal skills, I have always worked offering helpfulness, concreteness, and professionalism – as the client himself has told me – obtaining so his trust and the assignment for sale, something like a verbal My Agent (click here to discover the service). This work of months represented a real symbiosis between me and the client: he, during the time, understood what he was looking for, while I was able to understand the kind of property he was dreaming. Together, supported by the skills and services of Great Estate, we were able to achieve the final goal.

The client, by entrusting himself to our team, has felt to be on the right hands and, in a certain way, cuddled, supported, guided: I remember that he often underlined me our competence, professionalism and helpfulness. Those are all qualities which, on his opinion, differ us from the other competitors.

Thanks to this important work and the cooperation of many local specialists, we found the right property: an estate located on the hills around Orvieto. Composed of two houses and some annexes serving the land – which was divided into a luxuriant and productive olive grove, fruit trees, hazelnut trees, some arable and woodland – the property is framed by an amazing landscape overlooking the Umbrian and Tuscan hills around Orvieto.

Once the property was found, thanks to the supervision of the GE CEO Stefano Petri, Great Estate has supported both the sellers and the buyer during all the negotiation steps by facing every situation with rationalism and professionalism. The final deed of sale was signed at the end of April in Rome, in a walk distance from the St. Peter’s square.

The satisfaction of the entire team was really huge:

A great satisfaction because we were able to establish a relationship of familiarity and friendship, which respected and satisfied the needs of all.

A great satisfaction to have worked with people who have always proved to be very human, helpful and committed.

And again, a great satisfaction because both the parties chose Great Estate to manage the negotiation. Considering that there are many agencies in the area around Orvieto, this experience confirmed us again the fact that “WE” own “SOMETHING MORE” which differs and identifies us in our presentation. Our website is amazing, rich of information, high quality photos and videos. Our services are unique and innovative (click here to discover more). Our professionalism and helpfulness allow us to reach, day by day, great goals and to realize great desires, as making a client falling in love with his land again and so purchasing here his home.

Valter Luciani

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