Marble typologies used for the furnishings – the most famous ones

Marble typologies used for the furnishings – the most famous ones

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Marble has a very ancient history and it has always been used for the creation of temples or houses of worship while, among the XVIII and XIX centuries, for luxury villas or noble houses. Different Italian areas have become famous for their marble production:

  • Carrara

This marble is taken from the Apuane Alpes, near the city of Carrara. It is one of the most prestigious marbles of the world and it can be seen both in ancient and modern luxury buildings.

  • Trani

This marble comes from its namesake Apulia city. It has been used for the Trani cathedral and the I war monument in Forlì construction.

  • Botticino

A beige marble taken from the Botticino, Nuvolento, Nuvolera, Rezzato and Serle caves. This kind of marble is perfect for an outdoor use.

  • Chiampo

It is mainly used for the building of staircases and columns. The most famous typologies are the almonds coloured, pale yellow, pink and pearl ones.

  • Arabescato

It is extracted from the Lucca caves, it is a white marble with beautiful dark grey veining, called arabeschi. It is used for floors and interior coverings.

  • Candoglia 

A white-pink marble coming from Mergozzo, in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. It has been used for the Milan Cathedral.

  • Royal Coreno

Deriving from the sea bottom, it still presents fossils which create some fascinating shapes into the stone.

Very resistant and prestigious, it is mainly used for the outdoors. 

Those are just a few of the most famous Italian marbles which makes luxury residences even more great. This is the case of Villa Erba, a historic villa overlooking the Como Lake which is characterized by marble floors.

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