A farmhouse for all tastes … Especially for those who love truffles

A farmhouse for all tastes … Especially for those who love truffles

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If you love truffles, you will not want to miss the next few days in Fabro (TR), which hosts the 26th National Truffle Market Fair that takes place from 8 to 10 November in the historic centre of Fabro. To complement your passion for the precious truffle, you could consider two of our beautiful farmhouses in Umbria, a land that is rich in truffles.

The first farmhouse “La Capriata” in Umbria is very spacious, is not far from Fabro and the motorway, and is built in stone. It boasts eco-friendly accommodation surrounded by about 17 acres of forest, olive groves, fields and of course delicious truffles. Currently these properties are separate units, and are all well furnished, with the materials typical of this region such as brick, stone and wood that make you think of an old manor house.

Also for lovers of the black precious truffles there is “The Tartufaie”, an old farmhouse whose layout is reminiscent of an old manor house with typical Umbrian architecture, this prestigious farmhouse is a real gem set in the countryside and is surrounded by thirty truffle oaks. This property is also divided into two units and furnished with great taste and elegance and has characteristic finishings’ including brick, wood and stone. It has, two kitchens with marble sinks, a cellar with a ‘tufo’ grotto.

If this has whetted your appetite and imagination for Fabro this coming weekend, then on Sunday November 10th it will be possible to arrive in Fabro on vintage train carriages that will follow the Rome Termini Fabro line. This will be a fascinating journey that will allow you to discover the beautiful landscapes of Umbria.


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