Luca Argentero Decided To Enlist The Services of Great Estate

Luca Argentero Decided To Enlist The Services of Great Estate

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Alessandra Conforti

Luca Argentero, famous film, theatre and TV actor, as well as a voiceover and great artist of the Italian scene, decided to enlist the services of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group. Knowing Città della Pieve because of the hit TV series “Carabinieri”, he chose to buy a beautiful property here, a “little piece of paradise.”

By chance, we searched properties in many areas of Umbria and Tuscany.
Then fate led us to Pieve, where I had spent three years on ‘Carabinieri’ … in any event…

My wife decided … we opted for a Provencal style, tiles, bleached wood and muted colours.

“The Mandoleto” is our little corner of paradise; we try to spend as much time here as we can, unfortunately we are still too busy to think we could live here full-time.

Long and arduous. It was in part, a restoration but also involved building from scratch. It took about two years and we certainly underestimated the importance of a constant building site!

Even this was by accident, because we were in San Casciano dei Bagni. We stopped in front of featured listings in their window, and we asked for information and they showed us exactly what we needed.
We found competent, friendly and kind people who were with us at every stage and gave us well-founded advice.

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