The Anita Garibaldi coastal walk: Combining history and beauty

The Anita Garibaldi coastal walk: Combining history and beauty

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Alessandra Conforti

The Anita Garibaldi coastal walk, named after the wife of the great Risorgimento general, snakes along the coast for 2 km (1.2 miles) starting from the Nervi district of Genoa. The walk originated from an ancient trail used by fishermen and farmers in the 1800s. The view was so beautiful and striking, however, that in 1862 the Marquis Gaetano Gropallo started construction work on the coastal walk. Initially the walk was divided into two parts to accommodate the Villa Grimaldi Fassio that stood in the middle but is now part of the 9 hectare Nervi Park. The first stretch linked the port of Nervi with the ancient Gropallo tower while the second section, built in 1872, connected via Serra Gropallo with Capolungo. The beautiful coastal walk was initially dedicated to the “Princess of Piedmont,” then, during the era of Mussolini, its name was changed to the ‘Flotilla Walk’ in honour of the Italian navy. Finally, in 1945 the city of Genoa renamed it after Anita Garibaldi, wife of General Giuseppe Garibaldi. The walk is very green and tropical in places with huge palms and other trees along the way. The rocky coast and the beautiful landscape are a unique attraction for tourists and bathers who can reach the sea through various stepped accesses. Moreover, the presence of bars and beaches along the coastal walk makes this a very lively and attractive area.

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