A year of confirmations in Umbria and Tuscany: Great Estate’s numbers 2022

A year of confirmations in Umbria and Tuscany: Great Estate’s numbers 2022

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At the beginning of each new year, the analysis and development department of the Great Estate Network, examines the data relating to the international market for prestigious properties, with particular reference to the leading areas of Umbria and Tuscany.

Re-evaluating the data from 2021, with the exciting post-pandemic prospects that have seen record growth in the results achieved by our group, 2022 has been a year of confirmation and validation of all the important goals set.

“Awareness of the level achieved” is the key phrase on which CEO Stefano Petri focused his speech during the inaugural event of the new year, held at the exclusive location, Altarocca Wine Resort in Orvieto.

“The knowledge of having achieved and confirmed an excellent level of organization, ownership and clientele.” This is our great pride based on reading the great and renewed objectives achieved thanks to, above all, the application of the Great Estate method. A method based on family, respect, professionalism and other values that become a way of being and working that distinguishes all the professionals in the group. Sharing and verifying the objectives set, through moments of meeting and discussion organized during the year, allows us to have constant pride and awareness of who we are, of the solid foundations from which we started and where we want and can go. All this always with the main aim of giving the best advice to our clients.”

The analyzed data gives us an overview of the market for prestigious villas, farmhouses and apartments in the year 2022, through the acquisitions and negotiations successfully concluded by the Great Estate group.

Farmhouses and Villas: the most requested properties

Stable numbers regarding the types of properties most in demand and purchased: country houses remain at the top of the ranking with 72% of sales. Compared to the 2021 figure, there is a slight increase in the purchase of villas (from 13% to 18%). The demand for apartments in historic centers of Umbria and Tuscany was stable at 10%.

Real Estate Values

More than 50% of sales concern properties in the price range between 500,000 and 750,000 euros, followed by those in the 250,000 – 500,000 euro range and those in the 750,000 – 1,000,000 euro range. There were about ten sales from 1 to over 2 million euros.

Who are the buyers

Growing strong, it was a post-pandemic expected figure, Italian buyers, which amount to around 41%. The recent years have marked a clear and important interest on the part of Italians in properties where you can enjoy open space, such as a farmhouse in the countryside, or in properties in the splendid Umbrian and Tuscan villages where you can switch off for the weekend. In many cases, the perspective is also that of investment, given the strong demand for prestigious properties for the luxury rental circuit.

The remaining market is made up of international clients, with Americans leading the way at 18%, closely followed by Germans at 16%. The Israeli buyer clientele is growing, reaching the percentage of the English and Dutch. The Northern European market (Belgium, France) is constant, while that of Central Europe (Poland, Slovakia) is on the rise.

The Best Price: the always improving evaluation system

The analysis conducted by Great Estate’s IT department also concerned the examination of the difference between the real purchase price and the value estimated through The Best Price, the proprietary system of the group specialized in the estimation of prestigious properties.

Analyzing the data relating to sales, an average congruity emerges between the evaluation of the Great Estate evaluation department and the real purchase price equal to 97.9%, a figure even better than that relating to 2021.

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